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Master in Space Optics and Remote Sensing

Autore dell'avviso: Giovanna Mura

09 settembre 2021
Deadline for Registrations: September 15 2021


The II Level Master in Space Optics and Remote Sensing is a high education Programme corresponding to level 8 of the European Qualifications Framework EQF. The Master is a one-year programme opening on September 2021 and closing on October 2022, made of on-line lectures, hands-on activities, individual study and internship at various European industrial and research centres.

The on-line lectures are composed of 31 modules. The Master, with 25 teachers, of which 9 from academia and the others from industry, agencies and research institutions, provides the right blend of theoretical foundation and practical experience.

The topics span from fundamentals in optics, optoelectronics and optical design to their applications to remote sensing. The lessons are geared to teach optics design and technologies specific to space systems and prepare the students to be employed in the relevant industry.

Grants from Italian Space Agency and Autonomous Region of Sardinia (RAS) are available to cover the entire fee.

- website: https://www.masterspaceoptics.eu/
- registrations: https://www.unica.it/unica/page/en/2nd_level_professional_masters_programme_in_space_optics_and_remote_sensing_ay_20202021
- contact info: masterspaceoptics_at_unica.it



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