Differential Geometry Workshop 2021

Differential Geometry Workshop 2021 - Online - September 02, 2021
05 June 2021


Harmonic maps, biharmonic maps and related topics

Organizing Committee:

Volker Branding (Vienna)

Stefano Montaldo (Cagliari)

Scientific Committee:

Cezar Oniciuc (Iasi)

Andrea Ratto (Cagliari)

Confirmed speakers

Yu Fu (Dongbei)

Roger Moser (Bath)

Yelin Ou (Commerce)

Anna Siffert (Münster)

Due to the current situation we have come to the conclusion that it is best to again postpone the Differential Geometry Workshop and to have a similar one-day online event as in 2020. 

The workshop will take place via Zoom. In order to participate please register on this website. You will receive the Zoom login data shortly before the workshop will take place.

More details concerning the online workshop can be found on the website:


Questionnaire and social

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