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14 September 2022
Results and oral test timetable lab. 1 (13.09.2022)



                             RESULTS and ORAL TESTS.

The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the test. Orals will be held on TUESDAY 20.09.2022  and THURSDAY, 22.09.2022 in MY OFFICE. (2ND FLOOR ROOM 37)   See timetable below. Please note that times are approximate! Orals consist in general conversation and describing a person(physical aspects and clothes).  

Any student with an asterisk*  by their name should contact me asap BEFORE COMING TO DO THE TEST. 

Any students NOT on the list should also contact me via the TEAMS chat to TO FIX AN APPOINTMENT TO COME AND SEE THEIR PAPERS and discuss their results.  



20/40/30545. CONDEMI DE FELICE. FRANCESCO.        TUESDAY, 20.09.2022. 1430

20/39/65367.  GASTALDI                    ALESSANDRO.        TUESDAY, 20.09.2022. 1430

20/39/65479.   MURRATZU.              GIULIA.                      THURSDAY, 22.09.20221400

20/45/65963.  PINNA                         ALESSIA.                   TUESDAY, 20.09.2022. 1430

20/45/65927.  PUDDU                       FABRIZIO                   TUESDAY. 20.09.2022 1430

20/45/65228.  SOLINAS*.                  MARTA                        THURSDAY, 22.09.2022 14.00

20/40/65855.   TIANA                         ALBERTO.                   TUESDAY, 20.09.2022 14.30

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