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Lessons 13 and 14 - November 16th/18th

Info on next week's lessons
12 November 2021

For both lessons next week, we will be looking at file 5A.

On Tuesday, we will be looking at 'distancing.'

Distancing is also known as 'hedging' or 'being cautious'. It is particularly important in academia.

The idea is to avoid being attacked or criticised by other academics when you write(or speak) in an academic context.

You therefore use phrases that avoid rash generalisations or 'strong statements' that can be 'shot down in flames' or shown to be 'weak/worthless'.

Distancing is therefore a way to 'cover' yourself, and maintain academic validity.

I'm attaching a pdf called 'Academic Phrasebook' which is almost like 'a bible' for good academic writing. 

You can look at pages 39-41 on 'being cautious' to make a note of phrases/expressions used for distancing/hedging.

In general, you may find this pdf useful in helping improve the academic tone of your writing.

p.s. I've used hedging/distancing in this last sentence: 'You may find this pdf useful...' You see? If any of you criticise me saying this pdf isn't useful, I can cover/defend myself by saying 'Well, I did only say it might help, like maybe'. Hedge it well if you say the pdf isn't useful!


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