Autore dell'avviso: John Liberato Di Girolamo

07 October 2021
A summary after the first week of lessons.


The first week of lessons is over.

Main points to remember;

1) Make sure you get the coursebook.

Note that next week will be the last time I publish pages from the coursebook for you to use.

Therefore, if you don't have the coursebook by19th October you will be at a major disadvantage. 

2) I will be inviting all students to the google classroom tomorrow. You just need to accept when the email arrives.

It is an extra platform to use apart from my personal page.  

3) Talking of my personal page, check it regularly. It is the main way I will be communicating with you.

4) Remember my ricevimento time is Tuesdays 11-12 which you need to book via email beforehand. 

5) Invites have all been sent out now to both rooms being used for the course. Use the invites I have sent out

to enter the rooms from now on. 

6) For any 'fuori corso' students who wish to follow the lessons, you need to send me an email to let me know, 

and then I will send out an invite to each room. 

Have a good weekend!

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03 December 2021


i ricevimenti si tengono attualmente solo dietro appuntamento. scrivetemi ad e potremo accordarci per un incontro. saluti

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