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Cycle XXXIII - Award of PhD degree, Academic Year 2019/2020

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15 January 2021
Final Examinations in February 2021: Deadlines to submit the applications for the Final Examination and upload the PhD thesis - PhD programme in Physics, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Chemical Sciences and Technologies, Economics and Business, and History, Cultural Heritage and International Studies - NEW UPDATE! Rector's Decree appointing the Examination Committees


Publication of 7th January 2021
Update of 8th January 2021: Publication of Rector's Decree no. 6 of 7th January 2021 "Appointment of the Examination Committees for the award of PhD degree - PhD thesis defense A.Y. 2019/2020 - Session of February 2021"
Update of 15th January 2021: deadline procedure of History, Cultural Heritage and International Studies (Cotutelle de thesis)

Application to be admitted to dissertation and thesis upload
PhD students are allowed to submit the application to obtain their PhD degree and archive their thesis only online, by entering their personal page on UniCa website at: https://unica.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do. Please, follow the guidelines below:
(ref. to the document attached at the bottom of this page)

Within 15 days before the date of the thesis defence, applicants MUST:

  1. Submit the application to obtain their PhD degree
  2. Upload their thesis
  3. Pay the stamp duty (EUR 16.00)
PhD Programme

Deadline (PhD degree application and thesis upload)

Date and local time of remote thesis defence


25th January 2021 9th February 2021 h.2.00 pm

Physics - Cotutelle thesis with the Université Paris Diderot

21st January 2021 5th February 2021 h.9.00 am

Civil Engineering and Architecture

10th February 2021 25th February 2021 h.10.00 am

Electronic and Computer Engineering

8th February 2021 23rd February 2021 h.9.00 am

Industrial Engineering

21st January 2021 5th February 2021 h.11.00 am

Mathematics and Computer Science

11th February 2021 26th February 2021 h.10.00 am

Chemical Sciences and Technologies

20th January 2021 4th February 2021 h.10.00 am

Economics and Business

20th January 2021 4th February 2021 h.9.00 am

History, Cultural Heritage and International Studies

18th January 2021 2nd February 2021 h.10.00 am
History, Cultural Heritage and International Studies - Cotutelle Thesis with the Universitat de Valencia-Estudi General 01st February 2021 16th February 2021 h.10.00 am



PhD thesis
The PhD thesis must be uploaded in a single PDF file, including its cover, not exceeding 50 MB. Uploading a thesis divided into multiple files is not allowed. The name of the file must be "tesi di dottorato_name and surname of the PhD student”.
The cover of the thesis will follow the format available below.
The academic year of the dissertation is 2019/2020 for everybody.
ATTENTION! Changing the academic year is not possible. The PhD student has to indicate the month of the dissertation exclusively.

Scientific Disciplinary Sector
The cover of the PhD thesis must indicate the code of its Scientific Disciplinary Sector, as requested by the Ministry of University and Research with notice no. 1581 of 26th July 2005. It is necessary to indicate only the alpha-numeric code (for example, MAT/01, ING-IND/19, M-FIL/06).
During the online submission, it will be possible to enter only the main SDS. The secondary SDSs could be entered in the section dedicated to the notes. 
The complete list of the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors is available at https://www.miur.it/UserFiles/115.htm

Request for thesis embargo
The request for the thesis embargo can be submitted only in case of specific conditions. See the link “PhD thesis and copyright" (available only in Italian) and the document and "Definition of embargo" below.
The request form, available below, must be signed by the thesis supervisor and named “richiesta di embargo della tesi_name and surname of the PhD student”.

Specific requirements for PhD students with a PON RI scholarship
Those PhD students who received a scholarship funded by the National Operational Programme Research and Innovation 2014-2020, so as to comply with the requirements of publicity detailed in paragraph no. 2.2 of Annex XII of Regulation (EU) no. 1303/2013 on "Information and communication measures for the public", have to complete the last page of their PhD thesis with the official logos of the programme and the specific wording. Further information is available in the file "Indicazioni dottorandi assegnatari di borsa di studio PON RI”, attached to this notice.

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