Meetings minutes

Minutes are provided in Italian and in English.

Focus Groups minutes

FGs Meeting Date Meeting Date
First stage researchers R1 01/12/2021 13/05/2022
Recognised researchers R2 02/12/2021 07/06/2022
Established researchers R3 03/12/2021 05/10/2022
Leading researchers R4 06/12/2021  


Technical Working Groups minutes

TWGs Meeting Date  Meeting Date
Ethical and Professional Aspects 10/05/2022 14/06/2022
Recruitment and Selection 18/05/2022 13/06/2022
Working Conditions and Social Security   28/04/2022     07/06/2022
Training and Development 03/05/2022 06/06/2022

Steering Committee minutes

  Meeting Date Meeting Date
Steering Committee 09/12/2021   07/11/2022  


Questionario e social

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