An HV-CMOS integrated circuit for neural stimulation in prosthetic applications



An integrated neural stimulator for prosthetic applications, realized with a high-voltage CMOS 0.35-µm process, is presented. The device is able to provide biphasic current pulses to stimulate eight electrodes independently. A voltage booster generates a 17-V voltage supply in order to guarantee the programmed stimulation current even in case of high impedances at the electrode–tissue interface. Pulse parameters such as amplitude, frequency, and width can be programmed digitally. The device has been successfully tested by means of both electrical and in vivo tests, and the results show its capability to provide currents on the order of hundreds of microamperes with impedances on the order of tens of kiloohms.
Biomedical interfaces, high-voltage (HV) stimulator, neural stimulation, peripheral neural stimulation (PNS), voltage booster
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