Defensive Programming for Smart Home Cybersecurity

Giacinto, Giorgio;


Cybersecurity has become a real issue in the development of smart services in the smart home domain, which is formed by a System of Systems where several smart objects are connected to each other and to the Internet. However, these connections expose the devices to possible attackers inside or outside the network, who may exploit software or hardware vulnerabilities to achieve malicious goals. To alleviate this issue, the use of defensive programming assertions can allow the behaviour of smart objects to be monitored and checked for correctness. Furthermore, open source intelligence tools, such as the Shodan search engine, provide features that could be leveraged to detect potential vulnerabilities. In this paper, we propose an approach for the monitoring of Systems of Systems in the smart home domain exploiting the defensive programming paradigm in combination with Shodan APIs.
Cybersecurity; Smart home; SoS; Shodan; Defensive Programming
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