A First Analysis of JET Plasma Profile-Based Indicators for Disruption Prediction and Avoidance

Pau, A.;Fanni, A.;Cannas, B.;Carcangiu, S.;PISANO, GIANLUCA;Sias, G.;Sparapani, P.;


Reliable algorithms for disruption avoidance and prediction are foreseen to play a fundamental role in the JET control system for the successful operation of the machine in the upcoming deuterium-tritium campaigns. The integration of such algorithms is expected to be a key part also in the implementation of the ITER plasma control system. So far, most of the effort has been devoted to the prediction of disruptions, which is required to mitigate the effects of these transient events, protecting the integrity of in-vessel components. Nevertheless, in order to put in place recover strategies or to have the possibility of a soft landing for the plasma current, the paradigm must be shifted to avoiding disruptions. In this paper, plasma profile-based indicators will be statistically analyzed showing their potential in such a perspective, where warning times and reliability of detection are crucial.
Bolometers Cameras; Disruption avoidance; disruption prediction; Magnetohydrodynamics; operational space mapping; Plasma measurements; plasma profiles; Plasma temperature; Temperature measurement
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