Titolo:  Lifeline (2002, Víctor Erice). Un poema cinematografico sul tempo
Data di pubblicazione:  2015
Autori:  Bruni, David
Numero degli autori:  1
Lingua:  Italiano
Volume:  1.3
Pagina iniziale:  1619
Pagina finale:  1634
Numero di pagine:  16
Titolo del libro:  Itinerando. Senza confini dalla preistoria ad oggi. Studi in ricordo di Roberto Coroneo
Editore:  Morlacchi
ISBN:  9788860747242
Abstract:  The paper proposes an analysis of the short Lifeline (2002), directed by Víctor Erice. Erice images cinema as “eminent temporal art” because it is capable of containing time materially, incorporating the duration of any fact represented. He also believes that film language is similar to poetry in order to the mutual capacity to speak to the emotional sphere, searching for an intimate dialogue. Lifeline is marked by a fragmented assembly and a system of punctuation that multiply similarities and suggestions existing between different shots, almost as if they were like lines of a poem. The short offers different ideas of time (“primordial”, chronological, working day and relax, historical landmark) which end with intersecting each other.
Parole Chiave:  Cinema, Poesia, Tempo, Poetry, Time
Revisione (peer review):  Comitato scientifico
Caratterizzazione prevalente:  scientifica
Rilevanza:  nazionale
Tipologia: 2.1 Contributo in volume (Capitolo o Saggio)

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