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Study of the DNA binding mechanism and in vitro activity against cancer cells of iron(III) and aluminium(III) kojic acid derivative complexes 1-gen-2022 Lachowicz, Joanna I; Mateddu, Anna; Coni, Pierpaolo; Caltagirone, Claudia; Murgia, Sergio; Gibson, Dan; Dalla Torre, Gabriele; Lopez, Xabier; Meloni, Federico; Pichiri, Giuseppina DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Hybrid Theranostic Cubosomes for Efficient NIR-Induced Photodynamic Therapy 1-gen-2022 Bazylinska, U.; Wawrzynczyk, D.; Kulbacka, J.; Picci, G.; Manni, L. S.; Handschin, S.; Fornasier, M.; Caltagirone, C.; Mezzenga, R.; Murgia, S. ACS NANO -
Potential of curcumin-loaded cubosomes for topical treatment of cervical cancer 1-gen-2022 Victorelli, F. D.; Salvati Manni, L.; Biffi, S.; Bortot, B.; Buzza, H. H.; Lutz-Bueno, V.; Handschin, S.; Calixto, G.; Murgia, S.; Chorilli, M.; Mezzenga, R. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE -
Lipid vesicular gels for topical administration of antioxidants 1-gen-2022 Fornasier, Marco; Dessì, Francesca; Pireddu, Rosa; Sinico, Chiara; Carretti, Emiliano; Murgia, Sergio COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES -
Understanding the self-assembly of the polymeric drug solubilizer Soluplus® 1-gen-2022 Mateos, Helena; Gentile, Luigi; Murgia, Sergio; Colafemmina, Giuseppe; Collu, Mattia; Smets, Johan; Palazzo, Gerardo JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE -
In Vitro Evaluation of Nanoerythrosome Cytotoxicity and Uptake in Pancreatic Endothelial Cells: Implications for β-Cell Imaging Applications 1-gen-2022 Miceli, V.; Fornasier, M.; Bulati, M.; Amico, G.; Conaldi, P. G.; Casu, A.; Murgia, S. LANGMUIR -
Improving Dermal Delivery of Rose Bengal by Deformable Lipid Nanovesicles for Topical Treatment of Melanoma 1-gen-2021 Demartis, S.; Rassu, G.; Murgia, S.; Casula, L.; Giunchedi, P.; Gavini, E. MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS -
Kojic acid derivatives as double face ligands for metal and phosphate ions. 1-gen-2021 Lachowicz, Joanna I.; Todde, Debora; Aberamchuk, Krystsina; Picci, Giacomo; Murgia, Sergio; Nurchi, Valeria M.; Klepka, Marcin; Kalinowska, Diana; Dalla Torre, Gabriele; Mujika, Joni; Lopez, Xabier; Caltagirone, Claudia JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY -
Bicontinuous cubic liquid crystalline phase nanoparticles stabilized by softwood hemicellulose 1-gen-2021 Naidjonoka, P.; Fornasier, M.; Palsson, D.; Rudolph, G.; Al-Rudainy, B.; Murgia, S.; Nylander, T. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES -
Rational Design of Sustainable Liquid Microcapsules for Spontaneous Fragrance Encapsulation 1-gen-2021 Mamusa, M.; Mastrangelo, R.; Glen, T.; Murgia, S.; Palazzo, G.; Smets, J.; Baglioni, P. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION -
Tuning lipid structure by bile salts: Hexosomes for topical administration of catechin 1-gen-2021 Fornasier, M.; Pireddu, R.; Del Giudice, A.; Sinico, C.; Nylander, T.; Schillen, K.; Galantini, L.; Murgia, S. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES -
Surface-modified nanoerythrosomes for potential optical imaging diagnostics 1-gen-2021 Fornasier, M.; Porcheddu, A.; Casu, A.; Raghavan, S. R.; Jonsson, P.; Schillen, K.; Murgia, S. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE -
Effect of tail branching on the phase behavior and the rheological properties of amine oxide/ethoxysulfate surfactant mixtures 1-gen-2021 Savignano, L.; Fabozzi, A.; Vitiello, R.; Fornasier, M.; Murgia, S.; Guido, S.; Guida, V.; Paduano, L.; D'Errico, G. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. A, PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS -
Halogenated isophthalamides and dipicolineamides: The role of the halogen substituents in the anion binding properties 1-gen-2020 Picci, G.; Bazzicalupi, C.; Coles, S. J.; Gratteri, P.; Isaia, F.; Lippolis, V.; Montis, R.; Murgia, S.; Nocentini, A.; Orton, J. B.; Caltagirone, C. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Binding isotherms of surfactants used in detergent formulations to bovine serum albumin 1-gen-2020 Mateos, H.; Valentini, A.; Colafemmina, G.; Murgia, S.; Robles, E.; Brooker, A.; Palazzo, G. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. A, PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS -
Recent advances of non-lamellar lyotropic liquid crystalline nanoparticles in nanomedicine 1-gen-2020 Murgia, S.; Biffi, S.; Mezzenga, R. CURRENT OPINION IN COLLOID & INTERFACE SCIENCE -
Tuning the Encapsulation of Simple Fragrances with an Amphiphilic Graft Copolymer 1-gen-2020 Mamusa, M.; Sofroniou, C.; Resta, C.; Murgia, S.; Fratini, E.; Smets, J.; Baglioni, P. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES -
Cubosomes stabilized by a polyphosphoester-analog of Pluronic F127 with reduced cytotoxicity 1-gen-2020 Fornasier, M.; Biffi, S.; Bortot, B.; Macor, P.; Manhart, A.; Wurm, F. R.; Murgia, S. JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE -
Multifunctional cubic liquid crystalline nanoparticles for chemo and photodynamic synergistic cancer therapy 1-gen-2020 Jenni, Sébastien; Picci, Giacomo; Fornasier, Marco; Mamusa, Marianna; Schmidt, Judith; Talmon, Yeshayahu; Sour, Angélique; Heitz, Valérie; Murgia, Sergio; Caltagirone, Claudia PHOTOCHEMICAL & PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES -
Fluorescent squaramide ligands for cellular imaging and their encapsulation in cubosomes 1-gen-2019 Lachowicz, J. I.; Picci, G.; Coni, P.; Lippolis, V.; Mamusa, M.; Murgia, S.; Pichiri, G.; Caltagirone, C. NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY -
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