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HPLC-ESI-MS top-down analysis of salivary peptides of preterm newborns evidenced high activity of some exopeptidases and convertases during late fetal development 2021 Boroumand, M.; Iavarone, F.; Manconi, B.; Pieroni, L.; Greco, V.; Vento, G.; Tirone, C.; Desideri...o, C.; Fiorita, A.; Faa, G.; Messana, I.; Cabras, T.; Olianas, A.; Castagnola, M. TALANTA
Differences in salivary proteins as a function of prop taster status and gender in normal weight and obese subjects 2021 Melis, Melania; Mastinu, Mariano; Pintus, Stefano; Cabras, Tiziana; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo; Toma...ssini Barbarossa, Iole MOLECULES
Saliva, a bodily fluid with recognized and potential diagnostic applications 2021 Boroumand, M.; Olianas, A.; Cabras, T.; Manconi, B.; Fanni, D.; Faa, G.; Desiderio, C.; Messana, ...I.; Castagnola, M. JOURNAL OF SEPARATION SCIENCE
Corrigendum: Top-Down Proteomics of Human Saliva Highlights Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Antimicrobial Defense Responses in Alzheimer Disease (Frontiers in Neuroscience, (2021), 15, (668852), 10.3389/fnins.2021.668852) 2021 Contini, C.; Olianas, A.; Serrao, S.; Deriu, C.; Iavarone, F.; Boroumand, M.; Bizzarro, A.; Lauri...a, A.; Faa, G.; Castagnola, M.; Messana, I.; Manconi, B.; Masullo, C.; Cabras, T. FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE
Thymosin β4 and β10 are highly expressed at the deep infiltrative margins of colorectal cancer – A mass spectrometry analysis 2021 Olianas, A.; Serrao, S.; Piras, V.; Manconi, B.; Contini, C.; Iavarone, F.; Pichiri, G.; Coni, P....; Zorcolo, L.; Orru, G.; Messana, I.; Faa, G.; Castagnola, M.; Fanni, D.; Cabras, T. EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Top down proteomic analysis of gingival crevicular fluid in deciduous, exfoliating and permanent teeth in children 2020 Iavarone, F.; Olianas, A.; Patini, R.; Gallenzi, P.; Di Tonno, L.; Desiderio, C.; Cabras, T.; Man...coni, B.; Vincenzoni, F.; Cordaro, M.; Messana, I.; Urbani, A.; Castagnola, M. JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS
Structure of a nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase (NPP) from Euphorbia characias latex characterized by small-angle X-ray scattering: clues for the general organization of plant NPPs 2020 Sabatucci, A.; Pintus, F.; Cabras, T.; Vincenzoni, F.; Maccarrone, M.; Medda, R.; Dainese, E. ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA. SECTION D, STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY
Mapping of Transglutaminase-2 Sites of Human Salivary Small Basic Proline-Rich Proteins by HPLC-High-Resolution ESI-MS/MS 2020 Boroumand, M.; Olianas, A.; Manconi, B.; Serrao, S.; Iavarone, F.; Desiderio, C.; Pieroni, L.; Fa...a, G.; Messana, I.; Castagnola, M.; Cabras, T. JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH
Enrichments of post-translational modifications in proteomic studies 2020 Pieroni, L.; Iavarone, F.; Olianas, A.; Greco, V.; Desiderio, C.; Martelli, C.; Manconi, B.; Sann...a, M. T.; Messana, I.; Castagnola, M.; Cabras, T. JOURNAL OF SEPARATION SCIENCE
Proteomic characterization of the mucosal pellicle formed in vitro on a cellular model of oral epithelium 2020 Cabiddu, G.; Maes, P.; Hyvrier, F.; Olianas, A.; Manconi, B.; Brignot, H.; Canon, F.; Cabras, T.;... Morzel, M. JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS
Top-Down Proteomics of Human Saliva Discloses Significant Variations of the Protein Profile in Patients with Mastocytosis 2020 Serrao, S.; Firinu, D.; Olianas, A.; Deidda, M.; Contini, C.; Iavarone, F.; Sanna, M. T.; Borouma...nd, M.; Amado, F.; Castagnola, M.; Messana, I.; Del Giacco, S.; Manconi, B.; Cabras, T. JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH
Proteomic Analysis of the Acid-Insoluble Fraction of Whole Saliva from Patients Affected by Different Forms of Non-histaminergic Angioedema 2020 Firinu, D.; Arba, M.; Vincenzoni, F.; Iavarone, F.; Costanzo, G.; Cabras, T.; Castagnola, M.; Mes...sana, I.; Del Giacco, S. R.; Sanna, M. T. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY
Thymosin b4 cytoplasmic/nuclear translocation as a new marker of cellular stress. A Caco2 case study 2020 Coni, Pierpaolo; Piras, Monica; Mateddu, Anna; Piludu, Marco; Orru, Germano; Scano, Alessandra; C...abras, Tiziana; Piras, Valentina; Lachowicz, Joanna Izabela; Jaremko, Mariusz; Faa, Gavino; Castagnola, Massimo; Pichiri, Giuseppina RSC ADVANCES
RP-HPLC-ESI-IT Mass Spectrometry Reveals Significant Variations of the Human Salivary Protein Profile Associated with Predominantly Antibody Deficiencies 2020 Contini, Cristina; Firinu, Davide; Serrao, Simone; Manconi, Barbara; Olianas, Alessandra; Cinetto..., Francesco; Cossu, Fausto; Castagnola, Massimo; Messana, Irene; Del Giacco, Stefano; Cabras, Tiziana JOURNAL OF CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY
Time course of salivary protein responses to cranberry-derived polyphenol exposure as a function of PROP taster status 2020 Yousaf, N. Y.; Melis, M.; Mastinu, M.; Contini, C.; Cabras, T.; Barbarossa, I. T.; Tepper, B. J. NUTRIENTS
Proteomics of the acid-soluble fraction of whole and major gland saliva in burning mouth syndrome patients 2019 Cabras, Tiziana; Manconi, Barbara; Castagnola, Massimo; Sanna, Maria Teresa; Arba, Morena; Achary...a, Shikha; Ekström, Jörgen; Carlén, Anette; Messana, Irene ARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY
Extensive characterization of the human salivary basic proline-rich protein family by top-down mass spectrometry 2018 Padiglia, Alessandra; Orrù, Roberto; Boroumand, Mozhgan; Olianas, Alessandra; Manconi, Barbara; S...anna, Maria Teresa; Desiderio, Claudia; Iavarone, Federica; Liori, Barbara; Messana, Irene; Castagnola, Massimo; Cabras, Tiziana JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH
Marked differences in the submandibular salivary proteome between Sardinian alcohol-preferring and Sardinian alcohol-non preferring rats revealed by an integrated top-down-bottom-up proteomic platform 2018 Cabras, Tiziana; D'Alessandro, Alfredo; Serrao, Simone; Isola, Raffaella; Iavarone, Federica; Vin...cenzoni, Federica; Colombo, Giancarlo; Ekström, Jörgen; Messana, Irene; Castagnola, Massimo JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH
Cryptides: latent peptides everywhere 2018 Iavarone, Federica; Desiderio, Claudia; Vitali, Alberto; Messana, Irene; Martelli, Claudia; Casta...gnola, Massimo; Cabras, Tiziana CRITICAL REVIEWS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
Top-down proteomic profiling of human saliva in multiple sclerosis patients 2018 Manconi, Barbara; Liori, Barbara; Cabras, Tiziana; Vincenzoni, Federica; Iavarone, Federica; Lore...fice, Lorena; Cocco, Eleonora; Castagnola, Massimo; Messana, Irene; Olianas, Alessandra JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS

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