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Kojic acid derivatives as double face ligands for metal and phosphate ions. 2021 Lachowicz, Joanna I.; Todde, Debora; Aberamchuk, Krystsina; Picci, Giacomo; Murgia, Sergio; Nurch...i, Valeria M.; Klepka, Marcin; Kalinowska, Diana; Dalla Torre, Gabriele; Mujika, Joni; Lopez, Xabier; Caltagirone, Claudia JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY
Coordination Chemistry and Sensing Properties Towards Anions and Metal Ions of a Simple Fluorescent Urea 2021 Montis, R.; Aragoni, M. C.; Arca, M.; Coles, S. J.; Lippolis, V.; Milia, J.; Orton, J. B.; Pala, ...L.; Picci, G.; Pivetta, T.; Caltagirone, C. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Silicon-based fluorescent platforms for copper(ii) detection in water 2021 Oggianu, M.; Figus, C.; Ashoka-Sahadevan, S.; Monni, N.; Marongiu, D.; Saba, M.; Mura, A.; Bongio...vanni, G.; Caltagirone, C.; Lippolis, V.; Cannas, C.; Cadoni, E.; Mercuri, M. L.; Quochi, F. RSC ADVANCES
Stabilization of caesium ions by simple organic molecules: crystal structures of Cs(OXL) (OXL = oxalurate anion), and CsOH/cyanuric acid co-crystal Cs3(CYH3)4(OH)3 (CYH3 = cyanuric acid) 2021 Isaia, Francesco; Garau, Alessandra; Castellano, Carlo; Demartin, Francesco; Carla Aragoni, M.; A...rca, Massimiliano; Caltagirone, Claudia; Lippolis, Vito; Pivetta, Tiziana NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Bis-selenoureas for anion binding: A 1h nmr and theoretical study 2020 Picci, G.; Mocci, R.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Lippolis, V.; Zielinska-Blajet, M.; Caltagirone, C. CHEMPLUSCHEM
Simple squaramide receptors for highly efficient anion binding in aqueous media and transmembrane transport 2020 Picci, G.; Kubicki, M.; Garau, A.; Lippolis, V.; Mocci, R.; Porcheddu, A.; Quesada, R.; Ricci, P.... C.; Scorciapino, M. A.; Caltagirone, C. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Diradical Character of Neutral Heteroleptic Bis(1,2-dithiolene) Metal Complexes: Case Study of [Pd(Me2timdt)(mnt)] (Me2timdt = 1,3-Dimethyl-2,4,5-trithioxoimidazolidine; mnt2-= 1,2-Dicyano-1,2-ethylenedithiolate) 2020 Aragoni, M. C.; Caltagirone, C.; Lippolis, V.; Podda, E.; Slawin, A. M. Z.; Woollins, J. D.;, A.; Arca, M. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Oxidant/Complexing Properties of the Methimazole (MeImHS)/Iodine System Towards Palladium and Gold Metals. Crystal structure of the complex cation [PdII(MeImHS)4]2+ balanced by a tetraiodide/iodide mixture 2020 ISAIA, FRANCESCO; ARAGONI, MARIA CARLA; ARCA, MASSIMILIANO; CALTAGIRONE, CLAUDIA; Castellano, Car...lo; Demartin, Francesco; GARAU, ALESSANDRA; LIPPOLIS, VITO; PIVETTA, TIZIANA NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
The design of TACN-based molecular systems for different supramolecular functions 2020 LIPPOLIS, VITO; CALTAGIRONE, CLAUDIA; Bencini, Andrea; Macedi, Eleonora COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS
N2S2 pyridinophane-based fluorescent chemosensors for selective optical detection of Cd2+ in soils 2020 Garau, Alessandra; Lvova, Larisa; Macedi, Eleonora; Ambrosi, Gianluca; Carla Aragoni, M.; Arca, M...assimiliano; Caltagirone, Claudia; Coles, Simon J.; Formica, Mauro; Fusi, Vieri; Giorgi, Luca; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Orton, James B.; Paolesse, Roberto NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Aza- and Mixed Thia/Aza-Macrocyclic Receptors with Quinoline-Bearing Pendant Arms for Optical Discrimination of Zinc(II) or Cadmium(II) Ions 2020 Garau, A.; Aragoni, M. C.; Arca, M.; Bencini, A.; Blake, A. J.; Caltagirone, C.; Giorgi, C.; Lipp...olis, V.; Scorciapino, M. A. CHEMPLUSCHEM
Multifunctional cubic liquid crystalline nanoparticles for chemo and photodynamic synergistic cancer therapy 2020 Jenni, Sébastien; Picci, Giacomo; Fornasier, Marco; Mamusa, Marianna; Schmidt, Judith; Talmon, Ye...shayahu; Sour, Angélique; Heitz, Valérie; Murgia, Sergio; Caltagirone, Claudia PHOTOCHEMICAL & PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Heavy metal tolerance of orchid populations growing on abandoned mine tailings: A case study in Sardinia Island (Italy) 2020 DE AGOSTINI, ANTONIO; CALTAGIRONE, CLAUDIA; Caredda, Alberto; Cicatelli, Angela; COGONI, ANNALENA...; FARCI, DOMENICA; Guarino, Francesco; ∗, ; GARAU, ALESSANDRA; Labra, Massimo; LUSSU, MICHELE; PIANO, DARIO; SANNA, CINZIA; Tommasi, Nicola; VACCA, ANDREA; CORTIS, PIERLUIGI ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Halogenated isophthalamides and dipicolineamides: The role of the halogen substituents in the anion binding properties 2020 Picci, G.; Bazzicalupi, C.; Coles, S. J.; Gratteri, P.; Isaia, F.; Lippolis, V.; Montis, R.; Murg...ia, S.; Nocentini, A.; Orton, J. B.; Caltagirone, C. DALTON TRANSACTIONS
Fluorescent squaramide ligands for cellular imaging and their encapsulation in cubosomes 2019 Lachowicz, J. I.; Picci, G.; Coni, P.; Lippolis, V.; Mamusa, M.; Murgia, S.; Pichiri, G.; Caltagi...rone, C. NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
[9]aneN3-based fluorescent receptors for metal ion sensing, featuring urea and amide functional groups 2019 GARAU, ALESSANDRA; Bencini, Andrea; Blake, Alexander J.; CALTAGIRONE, CLAUDIA; Conti, Luca; ISAIA..., FRANCESCO; LIPPOLIS, VITO; MONTIS, RICCARDO; Mariani, Palma; SCORCIAPINO, MARIANO ANDREA DALTON TRANSACTIONS
A novel ratiometric and TURN-ON fluorescent coumarin-based probe for Fe(III) 2019 Pivetta, T.; Masuri, S.; Cabiddu, M. G.; Caltagirone, C.; Pintus, A.; Massa, M.; Isaia, F.; Cadon...i, E. NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Simple isophthalamides/dipicolineamides as active transmembrane anion transporters 2019 Picci, G.; Carreira-Barral, I.; Alonso-Carrillo, D.; Sanz-Gonzalez, D.; Fernandez-Lopez, P.; Garc...ia-Valverde, M.; Caltagirone, C.; Quesada, R. SUPRAMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
A population of Epipactis helleborine subsp. tremolsii (Orchidaceae) growing on mine tailings: a case study in Sardinia (Italy) 2018 Cortis, P.; Caltagirone, C.; Caredda, A.; Cogoni, A.; Agostini, De; Farci, D.; Garau, A.; Guarino..., F.; Lussu, M.; Vacca, A.; Piano, D.
Salicylamide derivatives for iron and aluminium sequestration. From synthesis to complexation studies 2018 Lachowicz, Joanna I.; Crespo-Alonso, Miriam; Caltagirone, Claudia; Alberti, Giancarla; Biesuz, Ra...ffaela; Orton, James O.; Nurchi, Valeria M. JOURNAL OF TRACE ELEMENTS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY

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