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Nanotechnology for natural medicine: Formulation of neem oil loaded phospholipid vesicles modified with argan oil as a strategy to protect the skin from oxidative stress and promote wound healing 2021 Manca, M. L.; Manconi, M.; Meloni, M. C.; Marongiu, F.; Allaw, M.; Usach, I.; Peris, J. E.; Escri...bano-Ferrer, E.; Tuberoso, C. I. G.; Gutierrez, G.; Matos, M.; Ghavam, M. ANTIOXIDANTS
Volatile compounds and antibacterial effect of commercial mint cultivars - chemotypes and safety 2021 Kowalczyk, A.; Piatkowska, E.; Kus, P.; Marijanovic, Z.; Jerkovic, I.; Tuberoso, C. I. G.; Fecka, I. INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
Lc-esi/ltq-orbitrap-ms based metabolomics in evaluation of bitter taste of arbutus unedo honey 2021 Montoro, P.; D'urso, G.; Kowalczyk, A.; Tuberoso, C. I. G. MOLECULES
Crucial Challenges in the Development of Green Extraction Technologies to Obtain Antioxidant Bioactive Compounds from Agro-industrial By–Products 2021 Gil, Katarzyna Angelika; Tuberoso, Carlo Ignazio Giovanni CHEMICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING QUARTERLY
Occurrence of acrylamide, hydroxymethylfurfural and furaldehyde as process contaminants in traditional breakfast cereals: “Bsissa” 2021 Ghazouani, Tesnime; Atzei, Alessandro; Talbi, Wafa; Fenu, Maurizio Antonio; Tuberoso, Carlo; Fatt...ouch, Sami FOOD CONTROL
Evaluation of bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity of edible feijoa (Acca sellowiana (O. Berg) Burret) flower extracts 2020 Montoro, P.; Serreli, G.; Gil, K. A.; D'Urso, G.; Kowalczyk, A.; Tuberoso, C. I. G. JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Analysis of polyphenolic composition and stability of magistral preparation based on salviae officinalis folium 2020 Kowalczyk, A.; Wlodarczyk, M.; Tuberoso, C. I. G.; Fecka, I. ACTA POLONIAE PHARMACEUTICA
First characterization of Pompia intrea candied fruit: The headspace chemical profile, polar extract composition and its biological activities 2019 Deiana, Monica; Montoro, Paola; Jerković, Igor; Atzeri, Angela; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Serreli, G...abriele; Piacente, Sonia; Tuberoso, Carlo Ignazio Giovanni FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Exploiting combined absorption and front face fluorescence spectroscopy to chase classification: A proof of concept in the case of Sardinian red wines 2019 Carbonaro, Carlo Maria; Corpino, Riccardo; Chiriu, Daniele; Ricci, Pier Carlo; Rivano, Silvio; Sa...lis, Marcello; Tuberoso, Carlo Ignazio Giovanni SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA. PART A, MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY
Ethnopharmacognosy of Echinops spinosus L. in North Africa: A Mini Review 2018 Bouzabata, Amel; Mahomoodally, Fawzi; Tuberoso, Carlo JOURNAL OF COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE RESEARCH
Insight into the Chemical Diversity of Late/Ice Harvest Gewürztraminer Wine 2018 Jerković, Igor; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Serreli, Gabriele; Tuberoso, Carlo Ignazio Giovanni CHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY
Selected Enzyme Inhibitory Effects of Euphorbia characias Extracts 2018 Fais, Antonella; Era, Benedetta; Di Petrillo, Amalia; Floris, Sonia; Piano, Dario; Montoro, Paola...; Tuberoso, Carlo Ignazio Giovanni; Medda, Rosaria; Pintus, Francesca BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Olive oil polyphenols reduce oxysterols -induced redox imbalance and pro-inflammatory response in intestinal cells 2018 Serra, Gessica; Incani, Alessandra; Serreli, Gabriele; Porru, Laura; Melis, M. Paola; Tuberoso, C...arlo I. G.; Rossin, Daniela; Biasi, Fiorella; Deiana, Monica REDOX BIOLOGY
Biogenic amines and other polar compounds in long aged oxidized Vernaccia di Oristano white wines 2018 Tuberoso, Carlo Ignazio Giovanni; Serreli, Gabriele; Montoro, Paola; D'Urso, Gilda; Congiu, Franc...esca; Kowalczyk, Adam FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Unlocking Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth. honey characterization through melissopalynological analysis, color determination and volatiles chemical profiling 2018 Kuś, Piotr M.; Jerković, Igor; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Kranjac, Marina; Tuberoso, Carlo I. G. FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Nitrogen compounds in Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth. honey: First time report on occurrence of (−)-5- epi -lithospermoside, uridine, adenine and xanthine in honey 2018 Kuś, Piotr M.; Włodarczyk, Maciej; Tuberoso, Carlo I. G. FOOD CHEMISTRY
Sardinian honeys as sources of xanthine oxidase and tyrosinase inhibitors 2018 DI PETRILLO, AMALIA; Santos-Buelga, Celestino; ERA, BENEDETTA; González-Paramás, Ana Maria; TUBER...OSO, CARLO IGNAZIO GIOVANNI; MEDDA, ROSARIA; PINTUS, FRANCESCA; FAIS, ANTONELLA FOOD SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
Characterization, phenolic profile, nitrogen compounds and antioxidant activity of Carignano wines 2017 Tuberoso, Carlo Ignazio Giovanni; Serreli, Gabriele; Congiu, Francesca; Montoro, Paola; Fenu, Mau...rizio Antonio JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS
First report on rare unifloral honey of endemic Moltkia petraea (TRATT.) GRISEB. from Croatia: Detailed chemical screening and antioxidant capacity 2017 Jerkovic, Igor; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Zekić, Marina; Tuberoso, CARLO IGNAZIO GIOVANNI CHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY
Evaluation of natural occurring bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity in Nuragus white wines 2017 Serreli, Gabriele; Jerković, Igor; Marijanović, Zvonimir; Gil, Katarzyna Angelika; Tuberoso, Carl...o Ignazio Giovanni FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL

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