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Operational DGT threshold values for metals in seawater from protected coastal areas in Sardinia (Western Mediterranean) 2020 Marras, B.; Montero, N.; Marrucci, A.; Bettoschi, A.; Atzori, Marco; Schintu, M. MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN
Passive sampling techniques for monitoring metals in transitional and coastal waters in the Atlantic region 2019 Regan, Fiona; Bersuder, Philippe; Bolam, Thi; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Marras, Barbara; Montero, Nat...alia; Schintu, Marco; Caetano, Miguel; Rosa, Nuno; Carvalho, Ines; Maria, Margarida; White, Blanaid; McHugh, Brendan; Merkel, Daniel; Gabet, Vanessa Millan; Sanz, Marta Rodrigo; Perceval, Olivier; Robinson, Craig; Nolan, Martin; Amouroux, Isabelle; Gonzalez, Jean-Louis; Guesdon, Stephane; Belzunce-Segarra, Maria Jesus; Franco, Javier; Menchaca, Iratxe IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Arsenic speciation in marine sediments: A comparison between two sequential extraction procedures 2018 Bettoschi, A.; Marrucci, A.; Marras, B.; Atzori, M.; Schintu, M. SOIL & SEDIMENT CONTAMINATION
Halogen-substituted ureas for anion binding: solid state and solution studies 2017 Casula, Arianna; Fornasier, Marco; Montis, Riccardo; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Argent, Stephen P.; Bl...ake, Alexander J.; Lippolis, Vito; Marongiu, Laura; Picci, Giacomo; Tidey, Jeremiah P.; Caltagirone, Claudia SUPRAMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
Selenoureas for anion binding as molecular logic gates 2017 Casula, Arianna; Paloma, Begines; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Fernandez-Bolan˜os, Jose`g.; Isaia, Franc...esco; Lippolis, Vito; O´scar Lo ´pez, ; Picci, Giacomo; Andrea Scorciapino, M.; Caltagirone, Claudia; Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREA CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Fluorescent lactose-derived catanionic aggregates: synthesis, characterisation and potential use as antibacterial agents 2016 Bettoschi, A; Brisson, A; Caltagirone, C; Falchi, AM; Isaia, F; Lippolis, V; Loi, G; Loi, M; Murg...ia, S; Pilia, R; Serra, C; Tan, S RSC ADVANCES
Fluorescent asymmetric bis-ureas for pyrophosphate recognition in pure water 2016 Casula, Arianna; Bazzicalupi, Carla; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Cadoni, Enzo; Coles, Simon J.; Horton,... Peter N.; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Mapp, Lucy K.; Marini, Giada M.; Montis, Riccardo; Scorciapino, Mariano Andrea; Caltagirone, Claudia DALTON TRANSACTIONS
On the role of a coumarin derivative for sensing applications: Nucleotide identification using a micellar system 2016 Bettoschi, Alexandre; Ceglie, Andrea; Lopez, Francesco; Meli, Valeria; Murgia, Sergio; Tamburro, ...Manuela; Caltagirone, Claudia; Cuomo, Francesca JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE
Zinc(II)-methimazole complexes: synthesis and reactivity 2015 Isaia F; Aragoni M C; Arca M; Bettoschi A; Caltagirone C; Castellano C; Demartin F; Lippolis V; P...ivetta T; Valletta E DALTON TRANSACTIONS
Highly stable ionic liquid-in-water emulsions as a new class of fluorescent sensors for metal ions: the case study of Fe3+ sensing 2015 Bettoschi A; Bencini A; Berti D; Caltagirone C; Conti L; Demurtas D; Giorgi C; Isaia F; Lippolis ...V; Mamusa M; Murgia S RSC ADVANCES
Silica-based nanoparticles: a versatile tool for the development of efficient imaging agents 2015 Caltagirone C; Bettoschi A; Garau A; Montis R CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS
Supramolecular cobalt cages and coordination polymers templated by anion guests: Self-assembly, structures, and magnetic properties 2007 Amouri Hani; Desmarets Christophe; BETTOSCHI A; Rager Marie Noelle; Boubekeur Kamal; Rabu Pierre;... Drillon Marc CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL

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