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Cubosomes for in vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging 2017 Biffi, Stefania; Andolfi, Laura; Caltagirone, Claudia; Garrovo, Chiara; Falchi, ANGELA MARIA; Lip...polis, Vito; Lorenzon, Andrea; Macor, Paolo; Meli, Valeria; Monduzzi, Maura; Obiols Rabasa, Marc; Petrizza, Luca; Prodi, Luca; Rosa, Antonella; Schmidt, Judith; Talmon, Yeshayahu; Murgia, Sergio NANOTECHNOLOGY
Theranostic hexosomes for cancer treatments: an in vitro study 2017 Meli, Valeri; Caltagirone, Claudia; Sinico, Chiara; Lai, Francesco; Falchi, ANGELA MARIA; Monduzz...i, Maura; Obiols Rabasa, Marc; Picci, Giacomo; Rosa, Antonella; Schmidt, Judith; Talmon, Yeshayahu; Murgia, Sergio NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Mugil cephalus roe oil obtained by supercritical fluid extraction affects lipid profile and viability in cancer HeLa and B16F10 cells 2016 Rosa, A; Piras, A; Nieddu, M; Putzu, D; Cesare Marincola, F; Falchi, AM FOOD & FUNCTION
Fluorescent lactose-derived catanionic aggregates: synthesis, characterisation and potential use as antibacterial agents 2016 Bettoschi, A; Brisson, A; Caltagirone, C; Falchi, AM; Isaia, F; Lippolis, V; Loi, G; Loi, M; Murg...ia, S; Pilia, R; Serra, C; Tan, S RSC ADVANCES
Monoolein-based cubosomes affect lipid profile in HeLa cells 2015 Rosa, Antonella; Murgia, Sergio; Putzu, Danilo; Meli, Valeria; Falchi, Angela Maria CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS OF LIPIDS
Effects of monoolein-based cubosome formulations on lipid droplets and mitochondria of HeLa cells 2015 Falchi A; Rosa A; Atzeri A; Incani A; Lampis S; Meli V; Caltagirone C; Murgia S TOXICOLOGY RESEARCH
Docetaxel-loaded fluorescent liquid-crystalline nanoparticles for cancer theranostics 2015 Meli, V; Caltagirone, C; Falchi, AM; Hyde, ST; Lippolis, V; Monduzzi, M; Obiols-Rabasa, M; Rosa, ...A; Schmidt, J; Talmon, Y; Murgia, S LANGMUIR
Cubosome formulations stabilized by a dansyl-conjugated block copolymer for possible nanomedicine applications 2015 Murgia S; Falchi A; Meli V; Schillen K; Lippolis V; Monduzzi M; Rosa A; Schmidt J; Talmon Y; Bizz...arri R; Caltagirone C COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES
A new technological approach to improve the efficacy of a traditional herbal medicinal product in wound healing 2015 Manca, ML; Zaru, M; Bacchetta, G; Biggio, T; Cappai, N; Cabras, A; Falchi, A; Manconi, M; Fadda, AM INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
Solvatochromic fluorescent BODIPY derivative as imaging agent in camptothecin loaded hexosomes for possible theranostic applications 2015 Caltagirone C; Arca M; Falchi AM; Lippolis V; Meli V; Monduzzi M; Nylander T; Rosa A; Schmidt J; ...Talmon Y; Murgia S RSC ADVANCES
Cancer-cell-targeted theranostic cubosomes 2014 Caltagirone C; Falchi A M; Lampis S; Lippolis V; Meli V; Monduzzi M; Prodi L; Schmidt J; Sgarzi M...; Talmon Y; Bizzarri R; Murgia S LANGMUIR
Astrocytes shed large membrane vesicles that contain mitochondria, lipid droplets and ATP 2013 Falchi A; Sogos V; Saba F; Piras M; Congiu T; Piludu M HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY
Drug loaded fluorescent cubosomes:versatile nanoparticles for potential theranostic applications 2013 Murgia S; Bonacchi S; Falchi A; Lampis S; Lippolis V; Meli V; Monduzzi M; Prodi L; Schmidt J; Tal...mon Y; Caltagirone C LANGMUIR
Potential anti-tumor effects of Mugil cephalus processed roe extracts on colon cancer cells 2013 Rosa A; Scano P; Atzeri A; Deiana M; Falchi A M FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY
Physicochemical, cytotoxic, and dermal release features of a novel cationic liposome nanocarrier 2013 Carboni M; Falchi A M; Lampis S; Sinico C; Manca M L; Schmidt J; Talmon Y; Murgia S; Monduzzi M ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS
Close-packed vesicles for diclofenac skin delivery and fibroblast targeting 2013 Manca, MARIA LETIZIA; Manconi, Maria; Falchi, ANGELA MARIA; Castangia, I; Valenti, Donatella; Lam...pis, Sandrina; Fadda, ANNA MARIA COLLOIDS AND SURFACES. B, BIOINTERFACES
The sense of water in the blowfly Protophormia terraenovae 2010 SOLARI P; MASALA C; FALCHI AM; SOLLAI G; LISCIA A JOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY
Nanoparticles from lipid-based liquid crystals: emulsifier influence on morphology and cytotoxicity 2010 Murgia, S; Falchi, AM; Mano, M; Lampis, S; Angius, R; Carnerup, AM; Schmidt, J; Diaz, G; Giacca, ...M; Talmon, Y; Monduzzi, M JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. B, CONDENSED MATTER, MATERIALS, SURFACES, INTERFACES & BIOPHYSICAL
Lipid droplet changes in proliferating and quiescent 3T3 fibroblasts 2008 DIAZ G; BATETTA B; SANNA F; UDA S; REALI C; ANGIUS F; MELIS M; FALCHI AM HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY
Hydrophobic characterization of intracellular lipids in situ by Nile Red re/yellow emission ratio 2008 Diaz G; Melis M; Batetta B; Angius F; Falchi A MICRON

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