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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Impact damage resistance and tolerance of Z-pinned composite laminates 2020 Francesconi, Luca; Loi, Gabriela; Aymerich, Francesco
An Investigation of the Enhanced Fatigue Performance of Low-porosity Auxetic Metamaterials 2020 Francesconi, L.; Baldi, A.; Dominguez, G.; Taylor, M. EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS
Post-Peak Behaviour of Ferrocement in Bending: Testing and Modelling. 2019 Aymerich, F.; Fenu, L.; Francesconi, L.; Loi, G. ACI Italy Chapter
Variable Poisson's ratio materials for globally stable static and dynamic compression resistance 2019 Francesconi, L.; Baldi, A.; Liang, X.; Aymerich, F.; Taylor, M. EXTREME MECHANICS LETTERS
A novel auxetic structure with enhanced impact performance by means of periodic tessellation with variable poisson’s ratio 2019 Taylor, M.; Francesconi, L.; Baldi, A.; Liang, X.; Aymerich, F. Springer
An investigation of stress concentration, crack nucleation, and fatigue life of thin low porosity metallic auxetic structures 2019 Francesconi, L.; Taylor, M.; Baldi, A. Springer
Impact and post-impact behavior of composite laminates reinforced by Z-Pins 2019 Francesconi, L.; Aymerich, F. Springer New York LLC
Effect of stitching on the flexure after impact behavior of thin laminated composites 2018 Francesconi, L; Aymerich, F PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART C, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE
Dynamic behaviour of an earthen material under different impact loading conditions 2018 Fenu, L.; Aymerich, F.; Francesconi, L.; Forni, D.; Tesio, N.; Cadoni, E. EPJ WEB OF CONFERENCES
Effect of Z-pinning on the impact resistance of composite laminates with different layups 2018 Francesconi, Luca; Aymerich, F. COMPOSITES. PART A: APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING
Static and Modal Analysis of Low Porosity Thin Metallic Auxetic Structures Using Speckle Interferometry and Digital Image Correlation 2018 Francesconi, L.; Taylor, M.; Bertoldi, K.; Baldi, A. EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS
Numerical and experimental eigenmode analysis of low porosity auxetic structures 2017 Francesconi, Luca; Taylor, M; Bertoldi, K; Baldi, Antonio Springer
Numerical simulation of the effect of stitching on the delamination resistance of laminated composites subjected to low-velocity impact 2017 Francesconi L; Aymerich F COMPOSITE STRUCTURES
FE simulation of the effect of stitching on the delamination resistance of composite laminates under low velocity impact 2016 Francesconi, Luca; Aymerich, Francesco
A numerical-experimental study of the damage response of stitched composite laminates to low-velocity impact 2016 Francesconi, Luca; Ginesu, Francesco; Aymerich, Francesco
Fracture behaviour of a fibre reinforced earthen material under static and impact flexural loading 2016 Aymerich, F; Fenu, L; Francesconi, L; Meloni, P CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS
Evaluation of the fracture behaviour of a fibre reinforced earthen material using digital image correlation 2015 Aymerich, F.; Fenu, L.; Francesconi, L.; Fa, Guanzhe ICCE
Mechanical response of a fibre reinforced earthen material under static and impact loadings 2015 AYMERICH, FRANCESCO; FENU, LUIGI; FRANCESCONI, LUCA; MELONI, PAOLA EPJ WEB OF CONFERENCES EDP Sciences
Impact damage resistance of thin stitched carbon/epoxy laminates 2015 Francesconi, Luca; Aymerich, Francesco JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES
Damage mechanisms in thin stitched laminates subjected to low-velocity impact 2014 Aymerich, F.; Francesconi, L. PROCEDIA ENGINEERING

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