Titolo:  Substantia nigra as an out-put station for striatal dopaminergic responses: role of a GABA-mediated inhibition of pars reticulata neurons.
Data di pubblicazione:  1979
Abstract:  Intranigral administration of kainic acid results in loss of pars reticulata neurons without damage to axons traversing or terminating within the nigra. Unilateral nigral lesions with kainic acid result in an ipsilateral turning upon administration of apomorphine, a dopamine (DA)-receptor agonist and in contralateral turning upon administration of haloperidol, a DA-receptor blocker. Destruction of post-synaptic structures in the striatum of the side contralateral to that injected with kainic acid results in a drastic reduction, abolition or even reversal of the turning effects elicited by apomorphine and haloperidol. Unilateral intranigral microinjection of nanogram amounts of the GABA-receptor antagonists picrotoxin and bicuculline elicits ipsilateral circling upon apomorphine administration. Kainic-induced lesion or microinjection of picrotoxin or bicuculline in the nigra ipsilateral to a 6-OHDA-lesion of nigro-striatal DA-neurons results in reduction, abolition or reversal of the contralateral circling produced by apomorphine. The results indicate that the nigra pars reticulata is a station for dopaminergic impulses originating from the striatum and suggest that the turning behavior in response to striatal DA-receptor stimulation is due to a GABA-mediated inhibition of ipsiversive pars reticulata neurons.
Handle:  http://hdl.handle.net/11584/96778
Tipologia: 1.1 Articolo in rivista

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