Titolo:  Pharmacological activity on Ephedra nebrodensis Tineo
Data di pubblicazione:  2008
Citazione:  Pharmacological activity on Ephedra nebrodensis Tineo / BALLERO M; FODDIS C; SANNA C.SCARTEZZINI P; POLI P; PETITTO V; SERAFINI M; STANZIONE A; BIANCO A; SERRILLI AM; SPINA L; LONGONI R; KASTURE SB. - 24:12(2008), pp. 1115-1124.
Abstract:  As a part of our endeavour to screen Mediterranean medicinal plants for various pharmacological activities, we evaluated antihistaminic, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, hypotensive and locomotor properties, and antioxidant potential of Ephedra nebrodensis. (1)H-NMR spectroscopy was carried out to identify the plant metabolites, which confirmed the presence of ephedrinic skeleton alkaloids. The ethanol : acetone (1 : 1) extract exhibited dose-related antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, hypotensive, antioxidant and locomotor stimulant activity. The plant bears potential for further studies
Handle:  http://hdl.handle.net/11584/16181
Tipologia: 1.1 Articolo in rivista

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