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Studies on the kinetics of expression of cell cycle dependent proto-oncogenes during mitogen-induced liver cell proliferation 1989 Coni P; Bignone F A; Pichiri G; Ledda-Columbano G M; Columbano A; Rao P M; Rajalakshmi S; Sarma D S CANCER LETTERS
Confronto fra i genomi delle specie Anguilla anguilla ed Anguilla rostrata 1991 SALVADORI S; COLUCCIA E; DEIANA AM; MILIA A; PICHIRI G; MEZZANOTTE R
Chromosomes and DNA of Anguilla anguilla L.: a study with restriction endonucleases 1992 CAU A.; COLUCCIA E.; DEIANA A.; PICHIRI G.; ROSSINO R.; SALVADORI S; MEZZANOTTE R. GENOME
Chromosomes and DNA of Anguilla rostrata after digestion with restriction enzymes 1992 CAU A; COLUCCIA E; DEIANA AM; PICHIRI G; ROSSINO R; SALVADORI S; MEZZANOTTE R
Chromosomes and DNA of Anguilla anguilla: a study with restriction endonucleases 1992 CAU A; COLUCCIA E; DEIANA A.M; PICHIRI G; ROSSINO R; SALVADORI S; MEZZANOTTE R GENOME
The molecular characterization of the genome of Muraena helena L. Isolation and hybridization of two Mbol-restricted DNA fractions 1995 PICHIRI G.; NIEDDU M.; CONI P.P.; SALVADORI S.; DEIANA M.; DEIANA A.M.; MEZZANOTTE R. GENOME
Cytogenetic and molecular characteristics of Atlantic eels (Anguilla anguilla and A. rostrata) genome 1998 Salvadori, Susanna; Cau, Angelo; Deiana, ANNA MARIA; Coluccia, Elisabetta; Milia, A; Cannas, Rita...; Nieddu, Mariella; Pichiri, Giuseppina; Mezzanotte, Roberto THE ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY
A comparative analysis of European and American eel (Anguilla anguilla and Anguilla rostrata) genomic DNA: 5S rDNA polymorphism permits the distinction between the two populations 1998 NIEDDU M; PICHIRI G; CONI P; SALVADORI S; DEIANA AM; MEZZANOTTE R GENOME
The efficiency of in-situ hybridization on human chromosomes with alphoid DNAs is enhanced by previous digestion with AluI and TaqI 1999 Nieddu M; Rossino R; Pichiri G; Rocchi M; Setzu MD; Mezzanotte R CHROMOSOME RESEARCH
On the variability of MboI repeated sequences and 5S rDNA in Muraena helena and Gymnotorax unicolor (Anguilliformes, Muraenidae) 2000 Pichiri G; Coni P; Deiana A M; Nieddu M; Mezzanotte R CHROMOSOME RESEARCH
On the variability of MboI repeated sequences and 5S rDNA in Muraena helena and Gymnothorax unicolor ( Anguilliformes, Muraenide ) 2000 PICHIRI G.; CONI P.; DEIANA A.M.; NIEDDU M.; MEZZANOTTE R. CHROMOSOME RESEARCH
The impact of StuI digestion in situ on FISH to human chromosomes with satellite DNA probes 2003 NIEDDU M; PICHIRI G; MELIS V; MEZZANOTTE R HEREDITY
The oganization of Classical satellite DNAs in Human chromosomes treated with AluI and Taq I restriction endonuclease 2003 M., Nieddu; Pichiri, Giuseppina; Diaz, Giacomo; R., Mezzanotte EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY
The organization of classical satellite DNAs in human chromosomes: an approach using Ulul and Taql restriction endonucleases 2003 NIEDDU M; G. PICHIRI; G.DIAZ; R.MEZZANOTTE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY
MVarallo: a new M(Like) alpha 1-antitrypsin-deficient allele 2003 Coni P; Pili E; Convertino G; Pichiri G; Balestrino A; Delmastro M; Donner C F; Faa G; Balbi B DIAGNOSTIC MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY
Isolation and characterization of two different 5S rDNA in Anguilla anguilla and in Anguilla rostrata: Possible markers of evolutionary divergence 2006 Pichiri, G; Nieddu, M ; Manconi, S ; Casu, C ; Coni, P ; Salvadori, S ; Mezzanotte, R MOLECULAR ECOLOGY NOTES
Some remarks on the use of TaqI to detect highly repetitive DNA sequences in human chromosomes 2006 NIEDDU M; PICHIRI G; MANCONI S; MEZZANOTTE R EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY
Mitochondria morphology and DNA content upon sublethal exposure to beta-amyloid(1-42) peptide 2008 DIANA A; SIMI G; SINFORIANI E; ORRÙ N; PICHIRI G; BONO G COLLEGIUM ANTROPOLOGICUM
Karyotype characterization and comparison in moray eels (Anguilliformes, Muraenidae). 2008 COLUCCIA E; DEIANA AM; CANNAS R; PICHIRI G; SALVADORI S CHROMOSOME RESEARCH
Rapid multiplex real-time PCR by molecular beacons for different BRAF allele detection in papillary thyroid carcinoma 2010 Orru G; Coghe F; Faa G; Pillai S; Manieli C; Montaldo C; Pilia F; Pichiri G; Piras V; Coni P DIAGNOSTIC MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY

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