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IMPACT OF KILLER-CELL IMMUNOGLOBULIN-LIKE RECEPTORS ON PROGRESSION OF HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA 2019 112., Littera R; Chessa, L; Perra, A; Lai, S; Serra, M; Maddi, R; Loi, V; Ragatzu, P; Congeddu, E...; Alba, F; Figorilli, F; Manieli, C; Onali, S; Casale, M; Barca, L; Orru, S; Carcassi, C. HLA
Role of natural killercells receptors on the development and progression of hepatocellularcarcinoma 2019 Figorilli, F; Manieli, C; Onali, S; Casale, M; Balestrieri, C; Serra, G; Zolfino, T; Barca, L; Co...ngeddu, E; Ragatzu, P; Littera, R; Perra, A; Catani, G; Chessa, L JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Entropy of human leukocyte antigen and killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptor systems in immune-mediated disorders: A pilot study on multiple sclerosis 2019 Melis, Maurizio; Littera, Roberto; Cocco, Eleonora; Frau, Jessica; Lai, Sara; Congeddu, Elena; Ra...gatzu, Paola; Serra, Maria; Loi, Valentina; Maddi, Roberta; Pitzalis, Roberta; Orrù, Sandro; Chessa, Luchino; Perra, Andrea; Carcassi, Carlo PLOS ONE
Genetic inactivation of Nrf2 prevents clonal expansion of initiated cells in a nutritional model of rat hepatocarcinogenesis 2018 Orrù, Claudia; Szydlowska, Marta; Taguchi, Keiko; Zavattari, Patrizia; Perra, Andrea; Yamamoto, M...asayuki; Columbano, Amedeo JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Thyroid hormones, thyromimetics and their metabolites in the treatment of liver disease 2018 Kowalik, Marta A.; Columbano, Amedeo; Perra, Andrea FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY
High frequency of β-catenin mutations in mouse hepatocellular carcinomas induced by a nongenotoxic constitutive androstane receptor agonist 2018 Mattu, Sandra; Saliba, Christian; Sulas, Pia; Zavattari, Patrizia; Perra, Andrea; Kowalik, Marta ...A.; Monga, Satdarshan P.; Columbano, Amedeo THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
The thyromimetic KB2115 (Eprotirome) induces rat hepatocyte proliferation 2017 Szydlowska, Marta; Pibiri, Monica; Perra, Andrea; Puliga, Elisabetta; Mattu, Sandra; Ledda, GIOVA...NNA MARIA; Columbano, Amedeo; Leoni, VERA PIERA GENE EXPRESSION
A long term, non-tumorigenic rat hepatocyte cell line and its malignant counterpart, as tools to study hepatocarcinogenesis 2017 Angioni, MARIA MADDALENA; Bellofatto, Kevin; Merlin, Simone; Menegon, Silvia; Perra, Andrea; Petr...elli, Annalisa; Sulas, Pia; Giordano, Silvia; Columbano, Amedeo; Follenzi, Antonia ONCOTARGET
Emerging role of the pentose phosphate pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma 2017 Kowalik, MARTA ANNA; Columbano, Amedeo; Perra, Andrea FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY
Metabolic reprogramming identifies the most aggressive lesions at early phases of hepatic carcinogenesis 2016 Kowalik, Marta Anna; Guzzo, Giulia; Morandi, Andrea; Perra, Andrea; Menegon, Silvia; Masgras, Ion...ica; Trevisan, Elena; Angioni, Maria Maddalena; Fornari, Francesca; Quagliata, Luca; Ledda-Columbano, Giovanna Maria; Gramantieri, Laura; Terracciano, Luigi; Giordano, Silvia; Chiarugi, Paola; Rasola, Andrea; Columbano, Amedeo ONCOTARGET
The metabolic gene HAO2 is downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma and predicts metastasis and poor survival 2016 Mattu, S; Fornari, F; Quagliata, L; Perra, Andrea; Angioni, MARIA MADDALENA; Petrelli, A; Menegon..., S; Morandi, A; Chiarugi, P; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Gramantieri, L; Terracciano, L; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Induction of autophagy promotes the growth of early preneoplastic rat liver nodules 2016 Kowalik, MA; Perra, A; Ledda-Columbano, GM; Ippolito, G; Piacentini, M; Columbano, A; Falasca, L ONCOTARGET
α2A adrenergic receptors highly expressed in mesoprefrontal dopamine neurons 2016 Castelli, MARIA PAOLA; Spiga, Saturnino; Perra, Andrea; Madeddu, Camilla; Mulas, Giovanna; Ennas,... MARIA GRAZIA; Gessa, Gl NEUROSCIENCE
T3/TRs axis in hepatocellular carcinoma: new concepts for an old pair 2016 Perra, A; Plateroti, M; Columbano, A ENDOCRINE-RELATED CANCER
Statistical health monitoring applied to a metabolomic study of experimental hepatocarcinogenesis: an alternative approach to supervised methods for the identification of false positives 2016 Del Carratore F; Lussu M; Kowalik MA; Perra A; Griffin JL; Atzori L; Grosso M ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
Cytokeratin-19 positivity is acquired along cancer progression and does not predict cell origin in rat hepatocarcinogenesis 2015 Kowalik, MA; Sulas, P; Ledda-Columbano, GM; Giordano, S; Columbano, A; Perra, A ONCOTARGET
Reply to: "YAP in tumorigenesis: Friend or foe?" 2015 Perra, A; Kowalik, Ma; Giordano, S; Columbano, A JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Global gene expression profile of normal and regenerating liver in young and old mice 2015 Pibiri, Monica; Sulas, Pia; Leoni, VERA PIERA; Perra, Andrea; Kowalik, MARTA ANNA; Cordella, Ang...ela; Saggese, Pasquale; Nassa, Giovanni; Ravo, Maria AGE
Local hypothyroidism favors the progression of preneoplastic lesions to hepatocellular carcinoma in rats 2015 Frau C; Loi R; Petrelli A; Perra A; Menegon S; Kowalik M A; Pinna S; Leoni V P; Fornari F; Graman...tieri L; Ledda-Columbano G M; Giordano S; Columbano A HEPATOLOGY
Nrf2, but not β-catenin, mutation represents an early event in rat hepatocarcinogenesis 2015 Zavattari, Patrizia; Perra, Andrea; Menegon, S; Kowalik, MARTA ANNA; Petrelli, A; Angioni, MARIA... MADDALENA; Follenzi, A; Quagliata, L; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Terracciano, L; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo HEPATOLOGY
YAP activation is an early event and a potential therapeutic target in liver cancer development 2014 Perra, Andrea; Kowalik, MARTA ANNA; Ghiso, E; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Di Tommaso, L; Angioni, MAR...IA MADDALENA; Raschioni, C; Testore, E; Roncalli, M; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
MicroRNA/gene profiling unveils early molecular changes and nuclear factor erythroid related factor 2 (NRF2) activation in a rat model recapitulating human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). 2014 Petrelli, A; Perra, Andrea; Cora, D; Sulas, P; Menegon, S; Manca, C; Migliore, C; Kowalik, MARTA ... ANNA; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo HEPATOLOGY
NRF2 mutations are frequent in early rat preneoplastic hepatic lesions and in human hepatocellular carcinomas positive for the stem/progenitor cell marker KRT-19 2014 Zavattari P; Perra A; Kowalik M A; Angioni M M; Menegon S; Petrelli A; Quagliata L; G M; Terracciano L; Giordano S; Columbano A CANCER RESEARCH American Association of Cancer Research
Timed regulation of P-element-induced wimpy testis-interacting RNA expression during rat liver regeneration 2014 Rizzo, F; Hashim, A; Marchese, G; Ravo, M; Tarallo, R; Nassa, G; Giurato, G; Rinaldi, A; Cordella..., A; Persico, M; Sulas, P; Perra, A; Ledda-Columbano, GM; Columbano, A; Weisz, A HEPATOLOGY
Sequential analysis of multistage hepatocarcinogenesis reveals that miR-100 and PLK1 dysregulation is an early event maintained along tumor progression 2012 Petrelli A; Perra A; Schernhuber K; Cargnelutti M; Salvi A; Migliore C; Ghiso E; Benetti A; Barla...ti S; Ledda-Columbano GM; Portolani N; De Petro G; Columbano A; Giordano S ONCOGENE
Thyroid hormone receptors downregulation is an early event and is maintained all across the step-by-step process of hepatocarcinogenesis. 2012 Frau C; Leoni VP; Loi R; Pinna S; Perra A; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A
Transcription profiling by array of mouse liver from TCPOBOP treated wild type and c-jun conditional knockout animals. 2012 Leoni VP; Ledda-Columbano GM; Pibiri M; Saliba C; Perra A; Kowalik MA; Grober Oli MV; Ravo M; A; Ghiso E; Giordano S; Columbano A
Wnt/beta-catenin pathway is activated by thyroid hormone and is required for its hepatomitogenic activity 2012 Fanti M; Perra A; Pibiri M; Schwartz M; Monga SP; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A THE FASEB JOURNAL
Yes-associated protein regulation of adaptive liver enlargement and hepatocellular carcinoma development in mice 2011 Kowalik, MARTA ANNA; Saliba, C; Pibiri, Monica; Perra, Andrea; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Sarotto, I;... Ghiso, E; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo HEPATOLOGY
Expression of c-jun is not mandatory for mouse hepatocyte proliferation induced by two nuclear receptor ligands: TCPOBOP and T3 2011 Leoni, VERA PIERA; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA; Pibiri, Monica; Saliba, C; Perra, Andrea; Kowalik, MART...A ANNA; Grober, Om; Ravo, M; Weisz, A; Locker, J; Ghiso, E; Giordano, S; Columbano, Amedeo JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Progenitor-derived hepatocellular carcinoma model in the rat 2010 Andersen JB; Loi R; Perra A; Factor VM; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A; Thorgeirsson SS. HEPATOLOGY
Cytokeratin-19, a predictive marker and an early determinant of progenitor-derived hepatocellular carcinoma 2010 Andersen JB; Loi R; Perra A; Factor VM; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A; Thorgeirsson SS CANCER RESEARCH
TRbeta is the critical thyroid hormone receptor isoform in T3-induced proliferation of hepatocytes and pancreatic acinar cells 2010 Kowalik MA; Perra A; Pibiri M; Cocco MT; Samarut J; Plateroti M; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Early Metabolic Changes in preneoplastc nodules of the liver 2009 Weljie; Kowalik M; Perra A; Columbano A; Griffin JL; Atzori L
Early metabolic changes in a liver carcinogenesis model 2009 Atzori L; Weljie Am; Kowalik M; Perra A; Columbano A; Griffin JL
Hepatic stellate cell: a star cell in the liver 2009 Atzori L; Poli G; Perra A THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY
Thyroid hormone receptor ligands induce regression of rat preneoplastic liver lesions causing their reversion to a differentiated phenotype 2009 Perra A; Kowalik Marta Anna; Pibiri M; Ledda-Columbano GM; Columbano A HEPATOLOGY
Potential utility of xenobiotic mitogens in the context of liver regeneration in the elderly and living-related transplantation 2008 Columbano A; Simbula M; Pibiri M; Perra A; Pisanu A; Uccheddu A; Ledda-Columbano GM LABORATORY INVESTIGATION
Alpha-lipoic acid promotes the growth of rat hepatic preneoplastic lesions in the choline deficient model 2008 PERRA A; PIBIRI M; SULAS P; SIMBULA G; LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; COLUMBANO A CARCINOGENESIS
Triiodothyronine stimulates hepatocyte proliferation in two models of impaired liver regeneration 2008 Columbano, Amedeo; Simbula, M; Pibiri, Monica; Perra, Andrea; Deidda, M; Locker, J; Pisanu, Adolf...o; Uccheddu, A; Ledda, GIOVANNA MARIA CELL PROLIFERATION
Potential utility of xenobiotic mitogens in the context of liver regeneration in the elderly and living-related transplantation 2008 Columbano, A; Simbula, M; Pibiri, Monica; Perra, Andrea; Pisanu, Adolfo; Uccheddu, A; Ledda Colum...bano, G. M. JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Thyroid hormone (T3) and TRbeta agonist GC-1 inhibit/reverse nonalcoholic fatty liver in rats 2008 PERRA A; SIMBULA G; SIMBULA M; PIBIRI M; KOWALIK MA; SULAS P; COCCO MT; LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; COLUM...BANO A THE FASEB JOURNAL
Alpha lipoic acid promotes preneoplastic growth in rat liver. POSTER 23° Meeting of German Association for the Study of Liver (GASL), Gottingen 2007 PERRA A; PIBIRI M; SULAS P; LEDDA COLUMBANO G. M; COLUMBANO A
Thyroid hormone induces cyclin D1 nuclear translocation and DNA synthesis in adult rat cardiomyocytes 2006 LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; MOLOTZU F; PIBIRI M; COSSU C; PERRA A; COLUMBANO A THE FASEB JOURNAL
Induction of pancreatic acinar cell proliferation by thyroid hormone 2005 LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; PERRA A; PIBIRI M; MOLOTZU F; COLUMBANO A JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY
Amoxicillina-acido clavulanico ed anticoagulanti orali:un’associazione potenzialmente pericolosa 2004 Cauli, C; Fenu, L; Perra, Andrea; Marongiu, Francesco ANNALI ITALIANI DI MEDICINA INTERNA
Induction of hepatocyte proliferation by retinoic acid 2004 LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; PIBIRI M; MOLOTZU F; COSSU C; SANNA L; SIMBULA G; PERRA A; COLUMBANO A CARCINOGENESIS
Different effects of the liver mitogens triiodo-thyronine and ciprofibrate on the development of rat hepatocellular carcinoma 2003 LEDDA-COLUMBANO GM; PERRA A; CONCAS D; COSSU C; MOLOTZU F; SARTORI C; SHINOZUKA H; COLUMBANO A TOXICOLOGIC PATHOLOGY

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