Dipartimento di Ingegneria elettrica ed elettronica

Available thesis topics:

  • 1- Distributed control of multi-robot systems in adversarial environments; 
  • 2- System identification and state observation for the Carasau bread industrial production: a case study;
  • 3- Formal methods for the control of virtual power plants: Large scale contrlo of networks of energy storage devices and TCLs.
  • 4- Cyber-physical attacks on the smart grid via compromised virtual power plant: control theoretic point of view.
  • 5- Data-driven identification of nonlinear dynamical systems (in collaboration with prof.  B.Biggio).
  • 6- Distributed control and optimization algorithms for electric demand-side management programs.
  • 7- Dynamic consensus algorithms for multi-agent systems.
  • 8- Other topics chosen/proposed by the student.

Depending on the choosen thesis the work includes theoretical development, numerical analisys with Matlab and (in only a few cases)  experimental validation depending on the topic.

Research scholarships are available for motivated students (starting on oct. 2020).

Contact: M. Franceschelli, mauro.franceschelli@unica.it

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