Dipartimento di Pedagogia, psicologia, filosofia

Gli ambiti di ricerca del Prof. Eraldo Francesco Nicotra riguardano l’approfondimento delle conoscenze scientifiche inerenti i seguenti filoni di ricerca:

  1.  risk perception;
  2. group decision making;
  3. individual decision making;
  4. perceptual studies on music or visual perception;
  5. probabilistic reasoning;
  6. economic psychology;
  7. social network analysis;
  8. psychophysics and mathematical statistics;
  9. structural equation modeling (SEM-Models)  applied to verify reliability of psychological testing;
  10. Use of Rash Models to verify unicity of single trait-model hypotheses;
  11. Application of the KST (knoweladge Space Theory) to evaluate students?’ ability to solve statistical problems;
  12. Application of the FCA (Formal Concept Analisys) to problems concerning the dependencies betweeen sets of objects and actributes into specific fields of action of the psychological assesssment.

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