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  • Pierantonio Addis is associate Professor in Ecology at the University of Cagliari - Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy where he received the degree of M.Sc. Biological Science (First Class Honours) in 1992.

  • He is Instructor of Ecology in the B.Sc. course in Natural Science and member of the academic board for the PhD School in Biology, Biochemistry and Environment in the same University.

    Marine biologist with 30 years of professional experience he has considerable research skill in the following subjects: experimental design on processes related to patterns of distribution and abundance of marine organisms; time-series analysis, spectral analysis, geostatistic applications on ecological and fisheries univariate and multivariate data; electronic tagging with mini-PATs (pop-up archival transmitting tag) and PIT tagging (Biomark systems) of marine organisms (pelagic and bentic fish, invertebrates); SCUBA diving for underwater sampling protocols; fish visual census; underwater monitoring in Marine Protected Areas; field data interpretation. Recent qualifications include: Research & Technological Development of experimental aquaculture for marine invertebrates, sea urchins (P. lividus) and sea cucumbers (H. tubulosa); microalgae cultivation in FBR (including Arthrospira platensis); set-up of pilot hatcheries for marine invertebrates; formulation and test of artificial diets for land-based farming systems of marine invertebrates and fishes; biochemical, nutraceutical and quality analysis of marine products. He has been member of the GFCM/ICCAT Working Group on Large Pelagic Fishes in the Mediterranean Sea and scientific coordinator for many environmental research programs in fishery science (bluefin tuna electronic tagging) and marine resources conservation (sea urchins, sea cucumbers, grey mullet, Pinna nobilis). He has experience with EU procedures related to project/programme, design/implementation and budget monitoring/evaluation. He served the European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in different Working Groups and RFMO organizations.

    Pierantonio Addis is author of over 55 papers on ISI journals.

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