Start courses: 22.10.2018 - Deadline for application on-line and payment: 15.10.2018 at 12:00.
01 ottobre 2018

Start courses: 22.10.2018

The Italian language programs are designed by the CIS (Centro Interdipartimentale per l’insegnamento dell’Italiano agli Stranieri) and ISMOKA, in order to immerse participants in the Italian language.
These programs are designed to involve every aspect of language: grammar, phonetics and vocabulary; with the aim of developing the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Deadline for application on-line and payment: 15.10.2018 at 12:00.

A1 and A2 (basic levels);
B1 and B2 (intermediate levels).
The courses (60 h in total – 6 ECTS credits) are held three times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, from 18:00 till 20:00.
1) Fill up the Online application form (please use CAPITAL LETTERS, except for the email address, and only English alphabet letters)
2) Pay registration fee* and send the payment copy to

Those who do not respect deadline will not be able to participate in the Italian language school and cannot get refund.

You should not miss more than 12 hours.

*The payment of 83.25 € (for Erasmus/Globus students) of 152.86 € (for external participant) must be made only by bank transfer to:
Università Degli Studi Di Cagliari – Settore Mobilità Studentesca – Banco Di Sardegna, viale Bonaria 1, 09124 Cagliari
IBAN: IT51T0101504800000000043280  SWIFT CODE: SARDIT31100

Payment description: Corso di lingua italiana with Your Surname and Name and the Requested Level

**If you want to cancel your participation in Italian Language School you must inform us within the 06.10.2018. After the deadline, it will be not possible to refund you. If you want to get your money back you have to send us your IBAN and number of ITALIAN fiscal code.

ITALIAMO - The Italian Foreign Ministry App to learn Italian language!
25 maggio 2018

Download ITALIAMO, the app designed by the Italian Foreign Ministry to let you learn Italian language easily from your smartphone!

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