Autore dell'avviso: Centro Linguistico d'Ateneo

03 August 2021


Hi everyone, I would like to organise a meeting and greet all students who will participate. I believe that we will have a great time if we meet on Friday, August 6th, at Angolo 66, Via Giovanni Maria Angioy, 66 (Cagliari), at 7 pm to chat and have fun in English. This will enable us to know each other's culture and to get in touch. I also remind you that I'm here at the Language Centre of the University of Cagliari on an Erasmus traineeship and could help you with your English. We will be very pleased if you are there on time for the appointment. If you want, we can also meet in front of the Language Centre at 6.45 pm.

PS You can get in touch with me, Bilnur, on her Skype contact Bilnur Aydogan, on her whatsapp number +90 5455868446 or for phone calls +39 3517122545
Please confirm the appointment!

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