02 March 2021
Per coloro che volessero fare un PhD in UK nel team del Knowledge Media Institute della Open University a partire dal 1 Ottobre 2021 e con eventuali collaborazioni con il Dip di Mat e Inf dell’Univ di Cagliari. La posizione prevede un salario di £15,285 (GBP) per anno esentasse. Vi allego qui l’annuncio con i nostri due topic di interesse, in inglese.


Fully funded PhD position at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University in Milton Keynes (UK) starting on 1st October 2021, which includes a stipend of £15,285 per year (tax free). Here follow two topics. Come and join our team.
Topic 1

Title: Assessing and Mitigating the Impact of Global Phenomena, Geopolitical Factors, and Bias on Research

The scientific enterprise is affected by global phenomena, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical factors and different kinds of bias. This PhD project aims at shedding light on these issues and assessing their impact across gender, countries, disciplines and others. The main objective is to exploit large-scale datasets of scholarly knowledge, i.e., scientific knowledge graphs, to analyse collaboration, productivity, and other factors with the aim of understanding the extent of the phenomenon and identifying strategies to make scientific research more inclusive and resilient to external factors.

#Scientometrics #ScholarlyAnalytics #Covid19 #ScholarlyData #SemanticWeb #ScienceOfScience #SocialScience #KnowledgeGraphs

Skillset: Software Development, Fast Prototyping, Network Science, Data Mining, Data Integration, Knowledge Graphs
Topic 2

Title: Supporting Scientific Research with Knowledge Graphs

This PhD project aims at developing a new generation of intelligent systems for exploring and analysing the scientific literature with the goal of improving efficiency and verifiability of research. The traditional document-centric approaches for searching the literature do not scale to the large number of articles produced today. We aim to introduce a modern knowledge-centric solution by automatically extracting structured representations of research knowledge from very large repositories of research publications. The candidate will design novel approaches that exploit these knowledge graphs for answering complex queries on the literature, recommending articles, predicting emerging topics, and producing research hypotheses.

#KnowledgeGraphs #ScienceOfScience #DataScience #DeepLearning #ScholarlyData #ScholarlyAnalytics #InformationExtraction

Skillset: Computer Programming, Machine Learning, Knowledge Graphs, Interest/expertise in Research/Science


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