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Procedures and Deadlines Academic Year 2019/2020

Procedures and Deadlines A.A. 2019/2020

The operational procedures for online enrolment and related deadlines can be consulted here.

Deadline for the admission test:  02/09/2019 - 12.00
Date and time of the test: 09/09/2019 - 09.00



Deadline for the admission test:  13/09/2019 - 12.00
Date and time of the test: 20/09/2019 - 09.00

Detailed information on the registration procedure is available here.

Requirements for enrolment

To be admitted to the Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, you must have the following requirements
(a) Three-year university degree, or other qualification obtained abroad, considered equivalent.
(b) Level B2 certification relating to knowledge of the English language.
(c) To have acquired at least 12 CFUs in all the MAT and FIS sectors.
(d) To have earned at least 36 credits in the set of sectors INF / 01 and ING / INF of which at least 18 CFU in sectors INF / 01 and ING-INF / 05.

(The disciplinary sectors - i.e. INF/01 - refer to the system in force in Italy. Here you can find the complete list.)

The enrolment is also subject to the possession of curricular requirements and the verification of the adequacy of personal preparation. A Study Program Committee will establish the suitability of individual preparation through a test.
The test will verify the knowledge of topics related to the scientific disciplinary sectors indicated above.
The personal preparation of graduates who have obtained a technical-scientific degree is considered adequate if they have earned a vote of 92/100

Further details about the requirements for enrolment and verification of personal preparation are available in the university bylaws.

All information and details on the registration procedure are available here.


Procedures for entry, residence, and registration of foreign students

EU citizens must follow the same registration procedure valid for Italian citizens.

Non-EU citizens.
The following procedures apply only to international students who require a visa to enter Italy for long-term stays. Foreign students who need a visa must consult the website -> “Procedures for entry, stay and registration of foreign / international students in higher education courses in Italy the academic year 2019-20”

For non-EU students residing abroad and who have not obtained an entry qualification in Italy, the Commission can make an assessment based on the presented documentation.

Specifically, the Commission will analyze the previous career evaluating:
a) First-level Degree Course (or equivalent):
  - type, class and degree
   - - composition of the credits required for access
   - - any need for a personalized training course
- average of the evaluations achieved in the individual courses and the position of the student in his/her cohort (if available)
- national or international positioning of the university that issued the degree
b) Knowledge of the English language
c) Evaluation of the overall activity and other qualifications detectable by the curriculum and other additional documents eventually produced by the student.
If the documentation presented is not sufficient to establish the level of personal preparation, an interview may be scheduled, including by conference call.

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