Research areas

High energy physics: Discovering fundamental interactions

High-energy physics deals with studying the properties of the fundamental constituents of the universe. The greater the energy at which the interactions take place, the smaller the distances at which the properties of elementary particles and spacetime itself can be probed.

Particle physics experiments

  • Alice and the plasma of quarks and gluons
  • LHCb and the asymmetry between matter and anti-matter
  • CMS and the Higgs boson
  • DarkSide and dark matter

Theoretical physics of high energy

  • Elementary particles, relativity and vibrating strings
  • The 3D structure of nuclear power plants

Gravitational waves

  • The Einstein Telescope project
High energy physics

Medical physics

Physics has played a fundamental role in the development of medical diagnostic and therapy techniques such as CT, MRI and PET. Physics also plays an important role in neuroscience. Physicists contribute to this area of research thanks to their expertise in neural signal models, the dynamics of neural networks and experimental techniques.

Diagnostic for images


Medical physics


The purpose of Astrophysics is to apply knowledge relating to all areas of physics to interpret and understand the phenomena that occur above the Earth's atmosphere. Astrophysics studies celestial bodies from the formation of planets to galaxies up to the immensely large.

High energy astrophysics

  • Sardinian Radio Telescope

The interstellar medium

Astrobiology and planetary systems


Solid state physics

Solid state physics studies both through theory and computer simulations and through sophisticated experiments, the behaviors, properties and applications of matter, formed by semi-elementary constituents (generally atoms or molecules, whose individual properties are well known). The specific state of aggregation of these components gives rise to new and unprecedented behaviors, which in many cases are still to be explored and used.

Experimental physics of matter

  • Nanotechnologies
  • Photonics
  • Sustainable energy
  • Cultural heritage

Theoretical physics of matter

  • Physics of materials
  • Biophysics
Solid state physics

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