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Second Semester 
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[80/71]  ARCHITECTURAL SCIENCE [71/00 - Ord. 2017]  PERCORSO COMUNE 5 50


The course offers a critical overview of the ongoing experiences in urban planning and policies, by referring to the Italian context. It aims to provide basic knowledge and methodological and operational tools in preparation for the urban planning at local level. It will be studied in working groups. The subject is developed with particular attention to a local plan and the relationship between the technical design and urban planning.


In order to proficiently attend the course, specific foundamentals of urban planning background is required.


The course is focused on municipal urban planning. Students will study a detailed plan and they will work on the following process:
-Urban planning regulations in force
-Urban current local planning regulations in force
-Morpho-typological analysis of urban tissue
-Strategies, efficiency of detailed plan
Policy analysis and design

design workshop or planning laboratory

Teaching Methods

Lectures, seminars and conferences (40%),seminars, hand-on tutorials and workshop (60%)

Verification of learning

The final exam is oral. The evaluation include knowledge of principles, methods, and tools, ability to critically discuss the course topics and issues, lexicon. The evaluation includes the results of the urban planning laboratory


GABELLINI P. (2000), Tecniche urbanistiche, Carocci, Roma
GAETA L., RIVOLIN U.J., MAZZA L. (2013), Governo del territorio e pianificazione spaziale. Torino: Città Studi edizioni.
MERCANDINO A. (2008), Urbanistica tecnica. Pianificazione attuativa e settoriale, Il Sole 24 Ore, Milano.
PIRODDI E. (1999), Le nuove forme del piano, Franco Angeli, Milano
Oliva F., Galuzzi P., Vitillo P., Progettazione urbanistica. Materiali e riferimenti per la costruzione del piano comunale, Maggioli Editore, Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna, 2002

Additional books will be suggested during the lectures and design workshop

More Information

Tutorial data and hand-out available at elearning website

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