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[80/71]  ARCHITECTURAL SCIENCE [71/00 - Ord. 2017]  PERCORSO COMUNE 8 80


Know and interpret the characters of historical architecture from the Modern Age to the early decades of the twentieth century, in relation to social-cultural developments and the circulation of artistic thought.


The student must respect the prerequisites provided for by the Studying Path. Knowledge of the basic drawing tools is desirable.



- Architecture and feudalism in the Modern Age: architecture and art as tools of propaganda and social affirmation.
- The architecture of the early Modern Age in the Crown of Spain and the Reign of Portugal.
- Revivalism, Romantic historicism and the myth of the Gothic in eighteenth and nineteenth-century culture.
- Designers and handcrafters of the "Regione dei Laghi". The great Building of the Pianura Padana. The new techniques and the management of the modern constructions.
- The architecture of the Counter-Reforma: Seminaries; Capitular complexes; cloister; devotion; New and Reformed Religious Orders.
- The academies of art in Rome and in the rest of Europe. Architectural culture in papal Rome: the Fabbrica di San Pietro; models; architecture of the popes; architectural competitions.
- The noble palaces and urban planning between the sixteenth and eighteen centuries. The great monarchical and government architectures.
- Architecture and hedonism between the sixteenth century and rocaille culture.
- The scenography from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century: theaters; pathos and devotion; civil buildings; structuralism.
- Military architecture: beginnings and evolution in the Modern Age.
- Enlightenment and Positivism. Architectures and State designers. Application Schools.
- Architecture and Archaeology. Collecting and restoration. Architecture and Exoticism. Architecture and taste for the Orrido. The Grand Tours.
- The Arts&Crafts movement. Historicism, eclecticism, collecting, antiquity. The architecture, craftsmanship and furnishings of the new bourgeoisie. Nineteenth-century urban planning. The industrial villages. The cemetery architecture.
- New construction techniques: large structures; metal profiles; the reinforced concrete conglomerate. The French and American experiences.
- Floralism. The Art Déco. Architecture, design, decorative and applied arts between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The universal exhibitions. The schools of architecture and crafts. The beginnings of graphics. Communities and associations of artists. Exoticism.
- Decoration and avant-gardes. The avant-garde of the early twentieth century: Futurism; Expressionism; Dada; Suprematism; Neoplasticism (De Stijl). The design and graphics of the first post-war period. Déco architecture.
- Theories, aesthetics and masters of the Modern Movement. The Bauhaus. The CIAM. Constructivism. The design, graphics and scenography of the Modern Movement. The modern city: new foundations; Siedlungen; the Viennese Social Democratic experience.
- Italian architecture and design between the two world wars: regime architecture; Rationalism. The School of Architecture of Rome. The Politecnico di Milano. Design and graphics.

Teaching Methods

The course includes lectures and in-depth seminars.

Verification of learning

The exam consists of an oral test of the contents of the course.


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More Information

In compliance with the Didactic Regulations, the attendance of the course is mandatory. The final exam is in oral form.

Monday, 15:00-18:00, Aula Magna (via Corte d’Appello);
Tuesday, 11:00-13:00, Aula CD (via Marengo)
Wednsday, 15:00-18:00, Aula Magna (via Corte d'Appello)

By appointment with the teacher: studio via Santa Croce, 2nd floor (in front of the Department Library).

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