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[80/71]  ARCHITECTURAL SCIENCE [71/00 - Ord. 2013]  PERCORSO COMUNE 5 62.5


Lessons and practices are the first tools in order to transfer concepts, information and interpretative schemes. Frontal lessons are aimed at acquiring basic knowledge through learning based on models. These are in general tools suggested when all the attendees have no elements about the contents treated.
On the basis of the specific phase and topic, the lesson can be frontal, interactive or tutorial in order to stimulate discussion and debate among.
Course topics focus on tools and procedures which can improve the final quality of building process. In order to reach this outcome, a consistent part of the course is aimed at analyzing project management techniques and at their implementing in the building process.


The course investigates the stages of the building process that are upstream and downstream of the final project. So you need to know:
• the dynamics that lead to the formation of the final project and its contents
• the principles of Technical Architecture
• the principles of Structural Engineering.


• Rules and regulations about public
• procurements and quality,
• project management history and techniques,
• detailed technological analysis of the project in order to define all the construction phases.

• Simulation of the building process with BIM techniques

Teaching Methods

31.5 h: frontal lesson
• 31 h: workshop

Verification of learning

At the end of the course, the students have to present a team work on the planning of a project previously assigned.
The final test consists of a written test divided into three questions on the topics of the course; the answers will be commented and integrated during the final interview.

Questionnaire and social

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