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The course aims to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of the design criteria of the main reclamation of contaminated sites and the main solid waste management systems. The activities foreseen in the course (lectures, guided group tutorials and design laboratory) will enable the student to acquire the ability to think and plan a remediation or environmental clean-up. At the end of the course the student will be able to express an independent technical judgment on the most suitable design path to the environmental problem to be faced and to develop a preliminary project of a remediation project.


To follow with profit it is essential that the student has successfully attended the courses of “Bonifiche e trattamento fisico-chimico dei suoli”, "Sustainable solid waste management" and therefore has the knowledge of main processes and technologies that can be adopted for the reclamation of a contaminated site and of the main solid waste and liquid waste management processes.


Unit 1) Technical and environmental legislation (2 h - lesson)
Unit 2) Design of remediation of contaminated sites
- U 2a) Sizing criteria for SVE (soil venting extraction) plants, enhanced SVE, bio-venting and air sparging; criteria for the sizing of the contamination abatement systems extracted in the aeriform phase. 10 h (4 h lesson - 2 h tutorial - 4 h workshop)
- U 2b) Criteria for dimensioning in situ and ex situ biological treatment plants. 6 h (2 h lesson - 2 h tutorial - 2 h workshop)
Unit 3) Design of solid waste management and treatment systems:
- U 3a) Preliminary design of a door-to-door collection system. 8 h (2 h lesson - 2 h tutorial - 4 h workshop)
- U 3b) Preliminary design of an anaerobic digestion plant. 8 h (2 h lesson - 2 h tutorial - 4 h workshop)
Seminars: 4h

Teaching Methods

The course consists of 60 hours of teaching divided into: 22 hours of lectures, 16 hours of guided exercises, 22 hours of workshops. During the lectures the teacher will present the design of the structures and management of contaminated soil and sewage and solid waste systems criteria. During the guided exercise, these criteria will be applied to practical cases. During the hours dedicated to the workshop, the students, in groups, will apply the knowledge acquired through the analysis of an existing project that will be exposed to the class during the course and will be evaluated by the teacher. During the course the students will have to exhibit 4 projects for each group.

Verification of learning

The exam will consist of an oral test which is assigned 60% of the final grade. The remaining 40% is attributed to each of the 4 projects prepared during the course and presented to the class, expressing a vote from 1 to 10. During the oral examination the teacher will ask 3 questions of equal weight for the purpose of assigning the final mark. In the evaluation the teacher will take into account the knowledge of the topics, the logic followed by the student for the resolution of the question, the use of an adequate language.


Handouts provided by the teacher,
Bonifica dei siti contaminati (L. Bonomo);
Handbook of Solid Waste Management by George Tchobanoglous and Frank Kreith. McGraw-Hill Professional

More Information

During the course, at the end of the specific lesson, the slides in pdf and other materials deemed useful for learning will be provided.

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