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The course provides the technical and scientific knowledge of the photogrammetric process for the production of photogrammetric and cartographic products by the modern methodologies.
This will allow students to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of modern photogrammetric survey of the territory and GIS;
With the acquired knowledge students will be able to design and to perform photogrammetric surveys and to design, build and operate a GIS;
Among the skills acquired it is included to know how to properly prepare reports on the topics covered in order to formulate answers to concrete type and professional;
Students will be also able to undertake further studies on developments in instrumentation and photogrammetric methods.


- Knowledge Topography, Physics and Mathematics


Lessons (40 h):
- Theoretical foundations: Photogrammetric system; sources of photogrammetric, History. (4 hours)
- The analytical problem: Perspective projection, scale and coverage, parallax and stereo. Aerial traingulation (4 hours)
- The digital photogrammetry: Digital image processing: filtering and resampling. Methods of correlation of images to search for homologous points. (4 hours)
- The digital photogrmmetry and UAV (4 hours)
- Photogrammetry software (4 ore)
- The cartographic representation of the land and the reference systems and coordinate. The Italian official cartography. (5 hours)
- The cartographic products: Geo Database, orthophotos, Digital Terrain Models (5 hours)
- Geographic Information Systems. Structure and functionality of a geographic information system. Operations on raster and vector data: connection of external databases; association of tables to geometry elements for the management of attributes; queries. (10 hours)

Exercises: (20 h)

- Photogrammetry aerial, UAV and terrestrial survey (3 ore)
- Elaboration to terrestrial survey (3)
- Elaboration to UAV survey (4 ore)
- GIS elaboration (10 ore)

Teaching Methods

The course of photogrammetry consists of lectures, classroom exercises and exercises outdoors. Will be 40 hours of classroom lessons during which the teacher will provide learners with knowledge of photogrammetry. Twenty hours devoted to the exercises in the classroom and outdoors. The classroom exercises will cover the design aspects of photogrammetry and restitution of cartographic products, while those outside will be the acquisition of all relevant information for the realization of cartographic products chosen.

Verification of learning

Assessment for the teacher makes use of an oral test that would allow the evaluation of the student's preparation on the official program of the course . During the test it will discuss an exercise that the student has done during the course and two topics in programma.Ogni application will be assessed with a maximum value of 10/10 , evaluation that will compete with the final credit assessment of thirty.


Elementi di fotogrammetria – Attilio Selvini, Città Studi Milano
introduction to Modern Phtogrammetry - E. M. Mikhail, J. S. bethel, J. C. McGlone - Ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Sistemi Informativi Territoriali - II ed. Federica Migliaccio, Daniela Carrion UTET ed.

More Information

- Slide
- Metric aerial photos
- Digital cameras
- Digital stereoplotter

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