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Second Semester 
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[70/75]  BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING [75/00 - Ord. 2014]  PERCORSO COMUNE 2 20


The course has the aim of teaching the most important and frequent pathological conditions.
In particular, the teacher will provide notions on phisiopathology, clinic and diagnosis of cardiovascular, respiratori and gastrointestinali disease. Moreover, the aim of the course is to allow students to acquire the comand of medical terminology and to evaluate pros and cons of the employment of the most common diagnostic procedures (CT, MR, Xray, ultrasound and endoscopy).


For the application to Internal Medicine examination students must have already attended the examination of Anatomy, Phisiology and General PatologyPer. These teachings give important basis for understanding internistic pathological conditions and for instrumental procedures needed for making diagnosis.


The Internal Medicine teaching consists in:
1. Cardiovascular system
Etiology, clinic and diagnosis of: venous thrombosis, stroke, acute coronari sindrome, cardiac valvular disease. Pros and cons of X Rays, CT, MR, ultrasounds and intermittent pneumatic compression in the diagnosis and treatment of these patological conditions.
Telemedicine and employment of point of care for the monitoring of anticoagulant therapy by means of the web.

2. Gastrointestinal system
Etiology, clinic and diagnosis of: gastritis, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease (Chron, ulcerative colitis), intestinal cancer. Pros and cons of X Rays, CT, MR, ultrasounds and pill cam in the diagnosis of these pathological conditions.

3. Apparato respiratorio
Etiology, clinic and diagnosis of: pulmonary embolism, pnueumonitis. Pros and cons of X Rays, CT, MR in the diagnosis of these pathological conditions.
Structure, function and employment of caval filters.

Teaching Methods

The Internal Medicine teaching is made of frontal teaching.

Verification of learning

When lessons are suspended, to verify students learning an oral examination is planned.


Since is not possible to indicate a reference book for learning topic treated during teaching because the main part of these books are dedicated to students of the Medicine faculty, the teacher provides students scientific references (reviews) to improve learning.

More Information

Students have both slides and text . Teaching material is enough for attendino the final examination.

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