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[60/73]  INFORMATICS [73/00 - Ord. 2017]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 48


Understanding the fundamental concepts of embedded computing, with emphasis on the Internet of Things
Knowledge of strategies and methodologies for the configuration and use of operating systems in the embedded domain and for the design and implementation of embedded applications
Being able to evaluate the HW-SW architecture of an embedded system
Design and implementation of an embedded application using a high level language with and without the support of an operating system
Management and low-level configuration, porting and cross-compilation of an open source operating system
Contextualize an embedded computing system in the field of the Internet of Things.
Develop independently the capability to design and implement embedded applications
Develop the capability to manage the porting, cross-compilation and configuration of an embedded operating system
Being able to discuss and present the fundamental concepts of the embedded computing systems and applications, also in the context of the internet of things
Being able to discuss and present methodologies for the design and implementation of an embedded system
Being able to identify, within the teacher's handouts and the textbook, the topics covered during the course even during the tests


Computer science skills learned during Operating Systems and Computer Architectures courses


1. Introduction
- Embedded systems and IoT: an overview
- HW-SW Interface: from the hardware to monoprogramming
- IoT and Cloud services
- Introduction to IoT Security
2. Embedded systems for IoT
- Sensors and actuators HW/SW management
- HW/SW development systems for IoT (Arduino and NodeMCU-ESP8622)
- Software architectures for bare metal systems
- Communication protocols and interfaces for embedded and IoT
3. Open source Operating Systems for embedded and IoT
- Linux Kernel compilation
- Toolchains, configuration, cross-compilation and porting of the Linux kernel
- Bootloaders for embedded and IoT systems
- Real-time Operating Systems (Free-RTOS)
4. Embedded IoT applications
- Design and development of real world use cases

Teaching Methods

Lectures and exercises in the laboratory (48 hours)

In accordance with the "Manifesto of studies A.Y. 2021-2022", and compatibly with the circumstances related to the pandemic situation, teaching will be made mainly in face-to-face way, integrated and "augmented" through online strategies, with the aim to grant its fruition in an innovative and inclusive way.

Verification of learning

Projects assignment and written exam, with the possibility of partial exams during the course

The verification methods (intermediate tests and/or final exams) may be performed remotely, partially or completely, using computer teaching aids such as, for instance, Moodle, Teams, etc.


Operating System Concepts IX Ed. -Silbershatz-Galvin-Gagne. -Pearson
An Embedded Software Primer - David Simon -ISBN-13: 978-0201615692 ISBN-10: 020161569X - Ed. Pearson

More Information

Slides : https://elearning.unica.it/ (Course "ESIT")

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