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[60/69]  CHEMICAL SCIENCES [69/00 - Ord. 2019]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 56


The course aims to provide the students the knowledge of the most important heterocyclic systems, (monocyclic and benzofused compounds), their nomenclature, properties and synthesis. At the end of the course, the student will get familiar with particular properties and reactions for the main heterocycles as well as different systems of nomenclature


A good background of general inorganic and organic chemistry principles and concepts.


Synthesis and reactivity of major classes of heterocyclic compounds are covered in detail, with emphasis on recent advances in synthesis and reaction development. Nomenclature of heterocycles: replacement and systematic nomenclature for monocyclic, fused and bridged hetero cycles. Structure, properties, synthesis and reactions of 5-10 member heterocyclic ring of heterocyclic compounds, including pyrroles, furans, thiophenes, pyridines, their benzofused analogues and related compounds, such as oxazoles, imidazoles and pyrimidines, with more than one heteroatom. Special attention is given to outline the role of heterocycles as synthetic intermediates, as moieties in molecules of pharmaceutical and biological importance especially in natural products.

Teaching Methods

Lectures (32h) accompanied by laboratory experiences (16 h) aimed at strengthening the theoretical foundations; direct involvement of students in the development of theoretical subjects and exercises. Lecturing, Self-study, group discussion and presentation

Verification of learning

The final examination will consist in an oral examination. Student achievement is measured and evaluated by:
The ability in understanding the field and concepts of heterocyclic chemistry;
The ability to identify the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds;
The ability to apply the knowledge to research


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2. Chimica dei Composti Eterociclici, Donato sica e Franco Zollo, Edises.
3. M. Sainsbury; Herocyclic Chemistry, RSC.
4. J. A. Joule and K. Mills; Heterocyclic Chemistry, Blackwell Science, 2000.

More Information

Slides and recent papers concerning new aspects of the heterocyclic synthesis.

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