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[60/56]  INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY [60/56-00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 10 96


The course aims to provide a knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of molecular biology and biotechnology in order to be able to identify, formulate and solve complex problems applied to the biotechnologies sciences. The course will also provide the basics that can give the student the ability to understand the impact of technology and technical solutions in the biotechnologies context.
1. Indicator knowledge and understanding
The course aims to provide the student with knowledge of structure and function of nucleic acids, of DNA replication, repair and transcription, of control of gene expression and of translation process both in prokaryotic and in eukaryotic cells. Furthermore, the course is structured to allow students to acquire the basic knowledge of biological processes related to the human genome and the main systems of analysis of that. Such knowledge will also facilitate their comprehension of technological processes related to biomedical laboratories.
2. Indicator ability: apply knowledge and understanding
The knowledge gained during the course will provide basic skills for the experimental use of biomolecular and biotechnological methods.
3. Indicator: independent judgment
The course aims to stimulate the student's autonomy of judgment for experimental data evaluation from scientific papers and from laboratory experiences.
4. Indicator communication skills
The course involves achieving the ability of the student in communicating the acquired knowledge both in technical and scientific contexts, including through the appropriate use of molecular biology specific terminology.

5. Indicator ability to learn independently
The basic knowledge gained during the course provides the tools to learn and deepen the topics of molecular biology, a constantly evolving discipline.


For an optimum understanding of the topics covered in the course, it is essential a basic knowledge of biology topics and a good knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry.

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