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[60/56]  INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY [60/56-00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 8 76


Knowledge and understanding of hereditary transmission, genetic ricombination, relationships between genotype and phenotype, regulation of gene expression, and the molecular bases of genetic variation and evolution.
General knowledge of the methodologies employed in genetic analysis. Ability a) to determine the mode of inheritance of traits in pedigrees and experimetal crosses, b) to estimate transmission probability to the offspring, and 3) to asses genetic linkage among genes. Use of statistical tests to verify the significance of experimental data. Genetic analysis at the population level. Acquisition of basic methodologies for the analysis of DNA and its polymorphisms.
Development of critical abilities in analizing experimental data, capacity to propose and test hypotheses. Autonomy in understanding and performing experimental protocols. Ability to work in a team. Acquisition of scientific language and communication skills.


Basic knowledge of cell structure and physiology, cell division (mitosis and meiosis), and of DNA structure and functions.

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