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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[60/56]  INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY [60/56-00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 4 40


The student should have a good basic knowledge of a computer hardware, software and network architecture and a good basic knowledge of Boolean algebra, binary codes, databases, word processing programs and spreadsheets.
- The student should be able to prove that he understood the fundamentals of computer science and that he is able to apply this knowledge in professional life or in further studies.
- the skills acquired by the student should be such as to ensure the autonomy of judgment in the processing and interpretation of data relating to the application domains identified during the course.
- The student should be able to present his or her own analysis and conclusions in a clear and rigorous manner both in written and oral form, including through the use of the software applications analyzed during the course.
- The student should be able to deal independently and effectively with all the problems related to computer science, in particular the processing of all those data that will be presented in his or her professional life or in further studies.


No propedeuticity. But a basic knowledge of mathematics, informatics and English language is recommended.


- Boolean algebra
- Binary information encoding
- Computer architecture
- Operating system
- Networking and Internet architecture
- Databases
- Word processing
- Spreadsheets

Teaching Methods

Lectures 16 hours
Exercises 16 hours
Examination 4 hours

Verification of learning

- Written test with multiple choice questions (12) and open answer questions (3).
- PC test with exercises on the use of word processing programs and spreadsheets.
- The final score will be the sum of the achieved points (maximum score 33, 30 cum laude if it is over 31)


- Teacher slides
- Recommended textbook:
J.G. Brookshear - Informatica – una panoramica generale - Pearson Addison Wesley
D. Mandrioli, S. Ceri, L. Sbattella, P. Cremonesi e G. Cugola - Informatica: arte e mestiere – McGrawHill

More Information

Other textbooks:
D. Sciuto, G. Buonanno, W. Fornaciari, L. Mari - Introduction to Computer Systems - McGraw-Hill
D.P. Curtin, K. Foley, K. Sen, C. Morin - Computer Science
Base - McGraw-Hill
G.L. Lipsticks - Computer Parts - McGraw-Hil
- Exercises
- Examination text sample
- Useful tutorials and websites for the use of word processing programs and spreadsheets:
Teacher: Luca Ghiani
Lab. Biometria, Pad. B, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica ed Elettronica, Università di Cagliari

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