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[60/56]  INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY [60/56-00 - Ord. 2014]  PERCORSO COMUNE 12 112


Provide the basic fundamentals about the shape, structure and physiology of plant cells, tissues and plant equipment. The 'acquisition of the fundamental concepts for the recognition and description of medicinal plants and the knowledge base sull'inquadramento systematic plant will allow the student an easier acquisition of the notions of Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry and, in part, of Pharmacology. Particular emphasis is given to the geographical distribution of drugs of plant origin as well as the techniques of micropropagation and in vitro culture of the main species of pharmaceutical interest so as to give a new vision on the production of active ingredients of plant origin through bioengineering.


Have a good understanding of the concepts of basic biological acquired through the courses in the School of Natural Sciences and Biology and, in particular, on the characteristics of the Plant Kingdom and its relationship with the ecosystem.


Basic fundamentals about the shape, the structure and operation of the plant cell with particular reference to the contents vacuolar (secondary metabolites; knowledge of the anatomy and tissues of different plant organs, deepening sitematica and classification of different plant species and taxonomic of 'interaction with the ecosystem biotic.

Teaching Methods

Lectures through contibuti computer and with the 'illustration in vivo and in situ major pharmaceutical essences grown in Hortus Botanicus Calaritanus.

Verification of learning

Oral examination.


Maugini E., Maleci Bini L., Mariotti Lippi M. - Manuale di Botanica Farmaceutica - Piccin Edit.

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