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Second Semester 
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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[60/76]  BIOTECHNOLOGY [76/20 - Ord. 2018]  Farmaceutico 6 48


The course is aimed at achieving a good level of knowledge of the basic concepts of general pharmacology and the rational bases of drug therapy; in addition, the student will be updated on some cutting-edge topics in the field of this discipline


Knowledge of Anatomy, biology, physic, biochemical, physiology and prerequisites as provided for in the in Degree regulation


Fundamentals of pharmacology;
Brief history of pharmacology;
Drug development: Preclinical and clinical drug testing;
Principles of pharmacokinetics: routes of administration, absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs;
Principles of pharmacodynamics: mechanism of action of drugs;
Target proteins: functional proteins, surface receptors, intracellular receptors and other action sites;
Adverse drug reactions and drug toxicity;
Principles of cellular and molecular pharmacology;
Pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system.

Teaching Methods

Interactive frontal learning, lecture-style.

Verification of learning

Qualitative evaluation of: knowledge acquired, knowledge of the field specific language, ability of the correlation between concepts and knowledge, ability of presentation.
The exam will take place in the form of a mid-term written exam at the end of the lessons and a final oral examination in official exam sessions.
For the final mark,out of 30, it will be take in account by the faculty members the "indicative" results obtained by the student in the different partial exam.
The examination booking must be made via electronic procedure (ESSE3). Such registration is required to access the exam.


Farmacologia per le lauree triennali e magistrali
Taglialatela, Conforti, Cuzzolin, Leone, Mattioli, Moretti Pignataro, Vanzetta SORBONA II edizione 2019
Farmacologia principi di base e applicazioni terapeutiche
F. Rossi V. Cuomo C. Riccardi Edizioni Minerva Medica IV edizione 2020

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Faculty Office hours
by appointment: location and time will be set in advance via email
Paola Fadda email: pfadda@unica.it
Maria Scherma: mscherma@unica.it

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