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- To know and understand the notions and methods of studying Romance languages and literature, with particular reference to French, Spanish, Italian and Sardinian;
- To know how to apply these notions in commenting on the selection of chosen Romance texts;
- To be able to add an autonomous contribution in analysing and commenting on the proposed texts;
- To know how to effectively communicate the notions learned during the course and their resulting applications;
- To learn how to use advanced textbooks in the learning process.


- ability to understand and compare both documentary and literary written texts;
- elementary knowledge of Latin;
- fundamentals of European medieval story
- deductive and inductive skills applied to historical-cultural phenomena.


Romance philology 6 CFU Currriculum Interculturale Module A: Introduction to Romance linguistics.
Transition from Latin to Romance Languages: linguistic and historical-cultural aspects. Romance languages: phonetics, morphology and lexicon (loans, calques; concepts of substrate, adstrate and superstructure). Commentary on the selection of the earliest Proto-Romance and Romance texts included in the syllabus.

Teaching Methods

Lectures with accompanying slides and other teaching materials focused on:
- illustrating the methodological aspects and the basic notions of Romance Philology, with particular reference to French, Italian, Spanish and Sardinian;
- the application of the aforementioned notions and methodologies to the repertoire of chosen texts included in the syllabus;
- guiding students in the autonomous analysis of the proposed texts;
- the organisation of the critical discourse analysis of the proposed texts;
- the analysis of and commentary on complex parts of the adopted texts.
To meet specific teaching needs related to
epidemiological situation, there is the possibility of lessons in live streaming or recordings of the same available online.
The exercises can be carried out through forms of remote interaction with the available IT supports.

Verification of learning

Romance philology 6 CFU Module A: Written exam (or according to the current anti-pandemic rules) with 10 open questions on the contents of Module A.


P. Maninchedda, Appunti di filologia romanza, Cagliari, Cuec - Centro di Studi Filologici sardi, 2005 (students will be given a free pdf copy); Lecture notes ( students will be given a free pdf copy).
Anthology of Proto-Romance texts (students will be given a free pdf copy): Indovinello veronese; Glossario di Reichenau (selection); Glosse silensi (selection); Carta di Nicita.
Anthology of Romance texts (students will be given a free pdf copy); Giuramenti di Strasburgo; Placiti campani; Nodicia de kesos; Privilegio logudorese.

More Information

Any students not attending lessons are kindly requested to contact the teacher. The exam will be based on the following books: P. Maninchedda, Appunti di filologia romanza, Cagliari, Cuec - Centro di Studi Filologici sardi, 2005 (students will be given a free pdf copy);
S. Asperti, Origini romanze, Viella, Roma, 2006.

Questionnaire and social

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