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This unit is designed to equip students with the fundamental skills and techniques in translation of a wide range of communicative texts from French to Italian through a methodology that enables them to work independently as well as to achieve the standard necessary for professional work.
Knowledge and understanding
-possess the basic notions and techniques of translation from French into Italian
-be able to tackle a wide range of translation assignments through all its phases with confidence and success
-be able to identify linguistic and stylistic differences between French and Italian texts.
Applying knowledge and understanding
-be able to highlight linguistic and stylistic features in a number of French texts
-be able to apply the main strategies to deal with linguistic, stylistic and cultural differences between texts
Making judgement:
- show awareness on how to organise working processes
Communication skills:
be able to ensure consistency in translation, use of language and presentation
Learning skills:
-Be able to apply concepts and translation skills to a wide range of texts


Knowledge of french language at B1/2 level. Very good knowledge of italian language.


Main topics:
Approaches to translation -The task of the translator - Adequacy and equivalence in the translation process - The use of lexical and terminological resources on line - Realia - the use of different registers and their translation - functional and pragmatic equivalence - Quality in translation

Teaching Methods

Academic teaching will also include students involvement. They will be required to work individually or in group to challenge their translation skills in translating texts proposed by the instructor; a discussion and comparison of different versions will follow. Classes will take place in the linguistic laboratory so as to improve the use of data and linguistic resources on line.

Verification of learning

Written exam from French into Italian of a text (40 lines max)
Students will be assessed according to the following criteria:
Ability to analyze the source text in all its parts (syntactic, lexical, pragmatics);
Ability to apply strategies to solve problems at different levels;
terminology management tools and resources.
The final grade will start from 18/30 for elementary knowledge of topics and achieved competences and will reach 30/30 cum laude for excellent knowledge of topics and competences .


Osimo, B (2011), Manuale del traduttore, Milano, Hoepli.

More Information

It is highly recommended to attend classes.
Students who cannot attend classes are kindly requested to contact the teacher.

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