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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)


Students must acquire a knowledge of French level B1 of the QCR.

In addition, 1 year programming is globally proposed to improve:
The pronunciation;
Oral comprehension;
Written understanding;
Written production;
The lexical and grammatical skills.


An entry level equal to A2 level of QCER is required.
In addition, you will require a steady and constant frequency from the student for the tutor exercises.


The contents of the program are as follows:

Oral and written understanding of the adopted text or various documents.
Oral production and writing from the adopted text or from various documents.
Grammar (see Annex A).
Other laboratory activities.

Mandatory work
Individual and free preparation, through personal research on the Internet or various magazines, about the following three themes to be presented in the form of dialogue with a colleague on the oral test day: Les nouvelles technologies, Les jeunes en France, L'environnement.

Teaching Methods

Exercises will feature laboratory activities for listening and oral production; Other activities in the classroom for written understanding and the development of lexical and grammar skills. The phonetic course will be held in the classroom. At a first introduction to the phonetic and phonological aspects of the language, they will be able to read and analyze the texts in their original language.

Verification of learning

For a full view, please refer to the following link:
Programma 1


A. for the Phonetic Course (other texts will be recommended during the course):
Bourciez J. - Bourciez E., Phonétique française, Paris, Klincksieck, 2000.
Derivey Nicole, La phonétique du français, Paris, Seuil, 2002.
Mortureux Marie-Françoise, La lycologie entre langue et discours, Colin, 2008.
Malmberg Bertil, General Phonetic Handbook, Bologna, Mulino, 1974.
Nyrop Kristoffer, Philip Emmanuel, Manuel Phonétique du français, Nabu Press, 2010.
Vaissiere, Jacqueline, 2006, La Phonétique, Que Sais-Je, n ° 637, PUF.
Vandendendriessche F., La phonétique française par les textes, Belin, 2010.
Zink Gaston, Phonétique historique du français, PUF, 2009.Carton Fernand, "Introduction à la phonétique du français", Paris, Dunod, 1997.
Grammar based text: M. Riegel, J.-C. Pellat, R., Rioul, Grammaire méthodique du français, Paris, PUF, 2004.

B. for exercises
R. Boutégège, Eiffel en ligne 2 Niveau B1 (Livre numérique - Cahier d'Exercises), Ed. De Agostini-Cideb.

More Information

The student will be able to use the grammar + exercises manual; Of self-learning materials; Of a realignment course for students in difficulty.

Other recommended texts
Lidia Parodi, Marina Vallacco, Grammathèque, Livre et Cahier d'Exercises, Cideb.
Vocabulaire (niveau débutant), 450 nouveaux exercices, CLE
Vocabulary (niveau intermédiaire), 450 nouveaux exercices, CLE
Révisions, 450 exercices (niveau intermédiaire), CLE
A bilingual Dictionnaire and a monolingual au choix

Questionnaire and social

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