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The course in Linguistic Mediation – German allows Students to acquire the following skills, through a combination of taught modules und individual research activities, especially in the field of inter-linguistic contact between the Italian and German:
- the ability to use the techniques of oral linguistic mediation and interpretation from Italian to German in various professional fields;
- knowledge of linguistic and communicative structures of German at B1 / B2 level of the CEFR;
- nonverbal communication and behaviors related to linguistic mediation (Italian-German).


Students are required to have passed all previous German language and German Translation examinations related to the first and second year.


The course allows students to develop the topics in intercultural context, with some examples of special languages related to specific areas such as the economy, trade and tourism.

Teaching Methods

The lectures are designed to provide the theoretical and meta-linguistic bases relating to the Linguistic Mediation in German. These modules will be accompanied by individual research activities and simulations of conversations, interviews, meetings and presentations in different communicative contexts, in order to practice Linguistic Mediation in German.

Verification of learning

Oral exam. The final grade criteria of the oral examination are as follows:
- expressive and effective communicative skills, know how to mediate between the two languages (German and Italian)
- knowledge of the grammatical structures of German equivalent to level B1 / B2 and syntactic correctness
- use of a general vocabulary and register appropriate to the comunicative circumstances and situations
- correct spelling
- technical vocabulary
- adecuate nonverbal behavior. The student must behave appropriately, with reference to the task of linguistic mediation from and to German.


The Course Pack (handouts and other explanatory material, glossary of technical terms) is available at the beginning of the course at:
M.C. Copy Print in Via S. Margherita 39, Cagliari. Introductory Texts on Linguistic Mediation:
Mack G. & Russo M. (a cura di), 2005, Interpretazione di trattativa : la mediazione linguistico-culturale nel contesto formativo e professionale. Milano, Hoepli.
Lasorsa A., 1995, Manuale di teoria della interpretazione consecutiva. Padova, Piccin Nuova Libraria
Villano P. e Riccio B., 2008, Culture e mediazioni. Bologna, Il Mulino.

More Information

Additional information and support will be available at the following link:
Regular class attendance is expected.

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