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[30/46]  PRIMARY TEACHER EDUCATION [46/00 - Ord. 2021]  PERCORSO COMUNE 8 60


The course aims to provide conceptual frameworks and methodological tools to design, implement and evaluate educational activities in the context of pre-schools and primary schools.


The course does not have any specific entrance requirements. Please look at general requirements of degree course.


The course introduces the topics of planning, management and evaluation of teaching and learning processes in the contexts of kindergarten and primary school.

The course consists of three modules. The first concerns the foundations of teaching: the disciplinary status, the historical developments of the theories, the approaches to the design, management and evaluation of didactic interventions.

The second module deals with the theme of didactic planning with references to the goals for the development of skills provided for by the national guidelines for the nursery school curriculum and the first cycle of education.

Finally, the last module develops the theme of the integration of teaching technologies in the classroom and online.

Teaching Methods

Lecture supplemented by discussions, collaborative learning and group work activities.

Verification of learning

Method of examination
For students attending the course it includes: a) two ongoing verification tests on the different parts of the program; b) the realization and discussion of a didactic project (individual or group practical activity).

Non-attending students will take a single oral exam during which a test with closed-ended questions will be administered in real time and through an online application.

The exams, on the basis of the health restrictions provided, can be carried out remotely.

Criteria for awarding the final grade
The final grade, expressed out of thirty, will take into account 70% of the knowledge acquired (detected through tests and through closed questions on authors, concepts, principles and models), and 30% of the ability to apply the knowledge and to whose evaluation the work carried out (for those attending) and the reasoning ability detectable with the oral interview contribute.


The books to be studied are written in Italian:

Fiorin, I. (2017). La sfida dell’insegnamento. Fondamenti di didattica generale. Milano: Mondadori.

Calvani, A., Menichetti, L. (2020). Come fare un progetto didattico. Gli errori da evitare. Nuova edizione. Roma: Carocci.

Bonaiuti, G., Dipace, A. (2021). Insegnare e apprendere in aula e in rete. Per una didattica blended efficace. Roma: Carocci.

Foreign students attending the course (e.g., Erasmus students) can be provided alternative references in English. In this case their knowledge will be tested in English. Students could contact the teacher for further information.

More Information

Further information is available online at:
Please feel free to contact the teacher via email for any information concerning the course:

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