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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[30/46]  PRIMARY TEACHER EDUCATION [46/00 - Ord. 2011]  PERCORSO COMUNE 8 60


Academic Year 2019-2020.
1) Knowledge and understanding
- Knowledge and understanding of the fundamental problems of pedagogy and educational principles.
- Knowledge and understanding of the main themes and of the pedagogical concepts.

2) Applying knowledge and understanding
- Comprehension of the educational problems with regard to pedagogical principles.

3) Making judgements
- Consciousness of the importance of the educational and didactic continuity and of the cooperation with family and school.
- Consciousness that the most important teaching is through life than through words (magister sui, magister alterius).

4) Communicatio skills
- Coherence in the communication and lexical correctness

5) Learning skills
- Research capacity and use of bibliographic sources


It isn't necessary any particular requirement.


- Difference between pedagogy and educational sciences.
- Definition of pedagogy and education.
- Art and science in education. Meanings of formation, school, instruction, teaching, method, didactics, technics.
- Constitutive elements and conditions of education.
- Concept of person and unity of education.
- Relation master-pupil, magister-discipulus.
- Primary education. Aims and means in education.
- The parts of the education.
- Educational method and didactic technics.
- School and other educational institutions.
Total hours: 60 (annual).

Teaching Methods

Lectures. Exercises

Verification of learning

Oral examination
- Knowledge of the fundamental contents;
- exposition of a subject discussed in the class and which is in the texts;
- to argue about pedagogical problems;
- coherence in the exposition and lexical correctness.

18/30 - 26/30: sufficient knowledge of the fundamental contents

27/30 - 30/30: good knoewledge of the fundamental contents; to argue about pedagpogical problems


Bibliography for the exam
- Platone, Politéia (Res publica, Repubblica), VII, 514 A - 520 A;
- G. Chiosso, Studiare Pedagogia. Introduzione ai significati dell'educazione, Mondadori Università,Firenze 2018;
- G. Mari, Educazione come sfida della libertà, Editrice La Scuola, Brescia 2013;
- M. R. Grillo, Il maestro, umanità e saggezza, Armando Editore, Roma 2003;
-C. D'Alessandro, Il maestro educatore e la professione pedagogica, in S. Deiana (a cura di), Pedagogiste e pedagogisti tra formazione e lavoro. Narrazioni e letture della scena pedagogica universitaria e professionale, Pensa MultiMedia Editore, Lecce 2019, pp. 123-139;
- G. Reale, Salvare la scuola nell’era digitale, Editrice La Scuola, Brescia 2013.

More Information

Academic Year 2019-2020. More information on the programme will be given during the class and the tutorial (Tuesday, h. 10-12, st. 69, teleph. 070-675.7114). Academic Year 2019-2020.

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