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[30/35]  COMMUNICATION SCIENCE [35/00 - Ord. 2014]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 30


The Course of Social Psychology of Communication is held in the second year of the Degree Course in Communication Sciences. It aims at increasing the students' knowledge and skills related to the socio-psychological dimensions of communication. Specifically, the reflection about the complexity and versatility of communication in the contemporary society will be articulated in five content blocks:
1) The role of communication in interpersonal relations
2) The role of non-verbal communication in interpersonal relations
3) Communication and social influence
4)Persuasive communication.


For attending successfully the course no specific requirements are needed.


The course aims to provide an overview of the main theories and researches focused on the relationship between communication and social processes. Specifically, the course will show how some socio-psychological variables are able to influence communication processes and how, conversely, communication can change social phenomena.

Teaching Methods

This e-learning course provides a part of direct, face-to-face teaching and a part of interactive teaching. Direct teaching is delivered in 10 hours of in-presence lecture that are videorecorded and made available to students within 5 working days. The interactive teaching consists in interactive spaces designed for exercises, projects, glossaries, final exam simulations, and forum discussions that the students carry on the learning platform, under the guidance of a tutor. The students will receive individual feedbacks from the tutor and the lecturer.
The attendance
The attendance consists in the participation to the in-presence and on-line proposed activities and in the interactions with teacher, tutor and colleagues. The attendance is highly suggested as a fundamental way for developing the skills indicated in the training objectives.
Exercises and Laboratories
During the same period and in connection with the in-presence lectures, exercises will be set on the platform for the acquisition of knowledge and for the development of skills. For educational needs or following students' request, in-depth meetings will be organised with web conferencing tools.

Verification of learning

The assessment consists in an oral exam for
testing knowledge and analysis skills.


The materials and learning objects on which performing the study are texts, video recordings of the meetings in person, forums, blogs, etc. In the virtual learning platform are located materials that will illustrate the contents proposed.

The texts needed for focusing on the basic themes are:
-Anolli, Luigi (2012). Fondamenti di Psicologia della Comunicazione. Il Mulino. (cap. I, V, VIII, IX)
- Cialdini, Robert B. (2010). Le armi della persuasione. Giunti Editore.
Slides and Moodle additional materials will be provided.

More Information

Receiving hours:

Thursday from 4 to 6 pm on Skype

Skype account: ferdiderf

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